Photography by Sane Fiaba.

Sneaker has been on a mission to reveal the origins of electronic music for more than twenty years now. Whether as a producer or DJ – Sneaker is doing it properly but always after careful consideration. He loves music which imparts atmosphere and attitude towards life, even in a parodying way that doesn’t take it all or itself too serious. Early on, he fell in love with Detroit and Chicago but furthermore there are the obscure Italo, new wave and minimal synth gems that make his sets and Dunkeltier edits special and provide his productions with that edgy Sneaker flavour.

If he doesn’t reflect on the history of dance music, the graduate of Fine Arts shuttles extensively between his part-time-hometowns Dresden and Berlin. He remixed classic EBM and minimal synth bands such as Twilight Ritual, Esplendor Geométrico, Absolute Body Control, S.M. Nurse and Click Click on his contributions on Frigio based in Madrid, Bahnsteig 23 and the Macadam Mambo Edits label from Lyon.
The pricky bomb that is ‘You Think You Think!’ on Uncanny Valley Rec. has enriched the sets of Daniel Bell (DBX), Crème-head TLR, Cassius, Traxx and Deetron. It was featured on the FabricLive-CD of Daniel Avery. After the collaboration ‘Heteronomous’ on Jacob Korns debut album (featured by Mano Le Tough in the Boiler Room and liscensed to the Future 303 compilation on Toolroom Records) he became specialiced on edits of dance (un-)classics to be witnessed on his releases on Rat Life and Wiener Brut. As one third of Serial Error along with Korn and Credit 00 they were invited for a feature on the ‘Our Beat Is Still New’ series on ‘Red D’s We Play House label from Belgium – a studio project, that becomes further established with 2 EPs on Rat Life in 2018.
In the past whirlwind years Sneaker has seen an enormous output with EPs on ULM, Lunatic, Bordello A Parigi plus numerous contributions on vinyl labels such as Emotional Rescue, Lux, Lustpoderosa and Mechatronica. In disguise as the male part of the synth pop duo Bionda e Lupo on Charlois, box tracks on Bio Rhythm, plenty of new Dunkeltier edits on wax – only Gott knows how much hidden alter egos this man threw into game already?

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