Absolute Body Control ‎– Tanzmusik
(Sneakers ‘Dunkle Phase’ Ajustement)

  on Forbidden Games picture disc & CD

Absolute Body Control (Dirk Ivens’ and Eric Van Wonterghems legendary minimal synth project) present its ‪#‎RSD16‬ release ‘Forbidden Games’ for the record store day 2016. It includes “Tanzmusik (Sneakers ‘Dunkle Phase’ Ajustment)”:

The edit was originally released on the 12″ EP
Various Artists – Dunkeltier Rising / Macadam Mambo / Lyon, France 2014.
The original tune having only 1,5 min of length – the extended edit must have made sense as the phasing ‘Ajustement’ caused a stir on the dance floors of Alessandro Adriani, Helena Hauff and Intergalactic Gary already. Now it’s featured on an official A.B.C. compilation …

Only 500 hand numbered copies of this beautiful picture disc with a collection of rare and unreleased tracks and remixes of the Belgian cult band Absolute Body Control are available.

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The Record Store Day release.

For your info – also the 2×12″ A.B.C. compilation WIND[RE]WIND was re-released with new tracks and for the first time on two vinyls.

The cheapest shop in the web for orders of both records (only 18€!!! each):
Sleepless Berlinl

Zootime did a fantastic job dubbing some matching b/w footage on the audio: