Gotling – G-ZX LP on Mond Musik
  incl. a Dunkeltier/OMk edit

The latest project under my ‘Dunkeltier’ disguise:

Mond Musik is specialised on re-issueing long lost German wave. Licensed from different mediums they bring the goodness on proper vinyl crowned by elabourated artwork inspired by the originals.

And this is No.003:

Der Gotling – G-ZX LP
Limited to 250 copies (vinyl only).
Incl. an inlay displaying press reviews and receptions of its time.

Unearthed by Obermannkind this LP contains six underground electronic, minimal synth, proto techno & new wave songs of an lost obscure German Tape from 1986. Produced in Münster West Germany, just 50 Tapes were distributed and just a handful are still alive.
Thanks a lot to Dunkeltier who restorated all the tracks. It was really tough job. Even the mastertapes (directly from Mr. Gotling) were in really bad condition.

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