Sneaker – The Flow EP /UV057
  on Uncanny Valley Records
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THE LIGHTS, THE HEAT, THE STROBE, THE SWEAT! Just in time for the club season, Sneaker hands in two ten-minute trips revealing the darkest secrets of dance music.
And for the working DJ, there are 4 stripped-down tools on top.

The Flow is the sound of tomorrow! The Flow is the sound of the 90s. But elevated to the next level. Yeah, progressive! The Flow is the sound of our heroes. The Flow is the sound of NY and Boccaccio wrought into DEEP BEAT.

The Flow is the mellow of LB and the trip of Andrew. May they rest in heaven’s glory on the wings of eternity! The Flow is the endless vibe of Josh’s groove and the elegant abyss of Murk ensouled with celestial angels. The Flow switches paradigm into the extravaganza synthesis of Dazzle Ships.

Ain’t nuthin but a 909, an Emulator and a Studer. Cream of the crop. Plus the immersive soul of Yvonne drawing from half a century of light, heat, strobe and sweat. And the vision of a continental producer, whose perspective is timeless, deep, and loving.

The Flow is a utopia, where clubs exist. – And flourish!

Release date: April 6th, 2022 on
Uncanny Valley Records, Dresden

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Distribution: Clone/NL

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