Bionda e Lupo – La Deutsche Vita
  2xLP limited XL pre-edition (30x)
PRIVATE PRESS vinyl-only

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Finally – the best NDW album of the past 25 years!

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Our private pressing “Bionda e Lupo – La Deutsche Vita” is in the can and we have a magnificent Anticipation-Superfan-Christmas package for you: a limited edition of 30 copies with the double album and some unique gifts.
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With the purchase you support us with the exploded costs. All is available for fluffy €49.99. Deliveries are made 6 weeks before the official release in spring. Please order directly via biondaelupo (at) gmail (dot) com!
Thank you sweet Christmas Elves!

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Sneaker pres. Give’n'Take 2 /UV-GNT02
  on Uncanny Valley Records
Out now!!!

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Video Premiere:
  Bionda e Lupo – Camp Cosmic
  on Eine Welt Records
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Trari trara – der Bär ist da!
Willkommen zur Videopremiere unseres kleinen hübschen Filmchens zum Camp Cosmic Song. Tausend Dank geht an Luka Neugebauer für seine wunderbare Arbeit
Voll stolz auf dich!

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Bionda e Lupo YT
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Habt Spaß!!!
und das Tanzen nicht vergessen!

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Bionda e Lupo – Camp Cosmic EP /EW12001
  on Eine Welt Records VINYL ONLY!!
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Mit dem Frühling erwacht … Bionda e Lupo!
Hand in Hand spazieren wir zurück ins verspielt skurrile Musikland.
Mit nackten Füßen im Gras, um uns Melodien und Bass
Alles strahlt: Farben und Lichter, Sonne und Gesichter.
Ein kosmisches Glück, vom Himmel ein Stück.
Hier wollen wir bleiben mit euch für immer und tanzen,
einfach nur tanzen…tanzen…tanzen…

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De Fabriek – Lullaby
  (Dunkeltier “Hey Robot Mix”)
Music For Hippies 2×12″ on
    on Platform 23

To read that fucking long story! – Click here!

Release Insight: Sneaker – The Flow
interview on

As always with our releases, we thought it would be a nice bonus feature to compile some background information. So, here’s Sneaker giving us some insights into the inspirations that shaped “The Flow”.

Che-check it out! Here:

Sneaker – The Flow EP /UV057
  on Uncanny Valley Records
Out now!!!

THE LIGHTS, THE HEAT, THE STROBE, THE SWEAT! Just in time for the club season, Sneaker hands in two ten-minute trips revealing the darkest secrets of dance music.
And for the working DJ, there are 4 stripped-down tools on top.
The story Flow is a longer story … Click here for the full post!

Advent season greetings!!!
FREE Edit by A. Wassersleben & Sneaker

Albi and me did an edit of pakistani film music some years ago.
The name refers to the book “Midnight’s Children” by the indian/pakistani author Salman Rushdie
You can download and play it 4 free via the objekt klein a Christmas calender.
Midnight’s Children (Albi & SneakerDJ)

Listen to more of my edits! Here:

podcast for Left Bank Club, Tiblisi
75min of Chi-House a la Muzik Box

New podcast hosted by the Left Bank, Tbilisi where I was playing in November 2021.

In order to contrast the usual trendy
slo-mo/fast-HC/breaks/distortedPseudoIndustrial mixes
I submit a rollercoaster ride from my archives with a clear reference to Chicago.

It was recorded in the garden of About Blank, Berlin at a party hosted by Uncanny Valley . I have been affiliated with the label from Dresden since the beginning (they released over 100 records spread through 3 labels and side-projects). I will have 2 EPs and an LP with them within the next 12 months.

  @ Mutant Radio Marathon Birthday
Tiflis, Georgia

Review 1h left of the centre. Left of the field. Playing Polar Praxis, Matador (post-Malaria), Pop Negatif Wastad, Single Gun Theory … for the 2nd anniversary of Mutant Radio.