Welcome To Rimini
    w/ Katja Ruge, Igor Amore,
    Pengi, Niki Pop
    @ Moiré/PAL, Hamburg, Germany

  SneakerDJ (Uncanny Valley)
  Katja Ruge (Kann denn Liebe Synthie sein)
  IGOR AMORE (Palais Palett/ Welcome To Rimini)
  Niki Pop (Welcome To Rimini)
  Pengi (Welcome To Rimini)

FB-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/424557254967159/
RA-event: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1246024

  Anything Goes – Ride To Agadir
  (Sneaker No Vocal Cut)
    for RollOverMilano

This is my edit of a rare promo of a one-off German New Beat act on the
infamous Belgian BCM label.
Although the vinyl cut bears some distortion I ripped the vinyl through a
professional A-D converter to obtain the best possible sound. Also I only
limited some spikes to preserve the original dynamics.
I cut the cheesy vocals (the track is actually a cheapish cover version
– the one who fancies the vocals should buy the original). To disguise
the cuts was tiresome. The worst were apparent in the original already.
So I tried to disguise their flaws using delays and fades.
I extended the intro and outro just for a few seconds of DJ convenience.
I was further bringing the different rather chaotic, disparate themes
into a usual 4/8/16 grid etc. and pushed the vocal synth in the last
quarter by EQing. Enjoy this on the eclectic, clubby cosmic dancefloor!

  ½GOTT Edit on Materia005
    for WhyPeopleDance

Denis from 44,100Hz Social Club commented on occasion of the premiere of my ‘Face To Face’ edit on his platform:

our good friends at whypeopledance released next MATERIÁ, this time edit compilation with the best bad boys of the scene as Curses, Schmoltz, Scannoir, Iñigo Vontier, Il Est Vilaine, Panorama Channel and much more…

Download all the 16 of them! – Here!

Katrina Fairlee & Sneaker – Oak
on VA – Red /Uncanny Valley UV50.7
    out 24th April 2019

The round number of 50 releases (plus special editions and sub labels) Uncanny Valley will celebrate by a giant series of 7 EPs. As an affiliated artist since UV004 of course I’ve been asked for a submission … Read the whole story!

krossfingers podcast 161: Sneaker DJ
live at Camp Cosmic 2018

My Camp Cosmic set 2018 from Humboldthain, Berlin on the Krossfingers podcast series:

I was hesitating for 9 months due to the wild mix of Soviet, US and German disco. However when listening with some distance I overcame my doubts and felt my original intention again to rather create a universal uplifting feeling of happiness. Could that even be the essence of the Camp Cosmic in a nut shell?

Check the blogpost on Krossfingers.com!
ID, please!

Inside Me / Geist Bahn EP
 on Fit Sound FIT-022
w/ RVDS, Katie Fairlee, Josh Cordova
  vinyl out April 1st 2019

Take the journey to ur inner self!

Sneaker’s bargain bin discoveries (J-R)
compiled for If-Only

Here are 10 more records and their story. Not too obscure of course, cause I was asked to list bargain bin finds instead. I completely disagree with Dixon who once said a DJ failed his job when he doesn’t play more than 80% of new records. If I wasn’t so damn sophisticated I’d embrace to use the f-word in reply! Obviously you are limited to this month’s news instead of scooping from the 500 months before (do the maths)! Further the music didn’t stand the test of time. Since we can’t really foresee and judge the newest developments we are likely to play ‘the shallow soundtrack of average today’. I wanna play music you CAN listen to in 20 or 40 years! Your minimal techno set from 15 years ago, your schranz set from 20 years ago, my electroclash set from 18 years ago? Crap! It’s testament to its era at max!

Let’s make that clear: You are completely generic and tasteless when you play more than 80% of new records! Your set I mean – but maybe you, too? Cheers!

Listen to the playlist & read on If-Only! Click here!

Sneaker edit of Mexican EBM band Interface
  on VA – Pubblicazione 003 on H45T86W95
out May 2019 on vinyl only!

Check this – click here for the full post!

podcast for Серенады
(Serenades), Russia

Серенады (Serenades) is a multicultural label, podcast, events and musical collective – from Russia with love.

Sneaker is affiliated with the Dresden label Uncanny Valley and their sublabels. During their label night at Berlin club “Salon zur wilden Renate” on the 25th of January 2019 he recorded this set on the Rat Life floor. Rat Life Records is the sub label for music and rats who don’t fit in elsewhere. Misfits so to say!
The set is mostly vinyl records. It starts more obscure with a nod to Sneakers Dunkeltier moniker then moving on to the roots – comprising classic house from the UK, continental Europe, NY, Chicago and Detroit.
Sneaker also operated the fog machine and strobelights on the green floor while mixing this set. He made heavy use of these ½god-like powers … much to the chagrin and dismay of the dancers.

Sneaker’s bargain bin discoveries (A-I)
compiled for If-Only

I must have bought my first electronic dance 12” in 1994 at the age of 14 and kept on enjoying the hunt until the rise of the digital age in the early 2000s when I sold a major part of my collection to finance my studies. I thought that the medium fades into obscurity. But when I decided to try my luck as a musician fever got me again, heftier then ever.

Here are 10 records and their story …

Listen to the playlist & read on If-Only! Click here!

Listen to the playlist & read on If-Only! Click here!

Premiere & review: Dunkeltier – The Blade
  from the edit EP on Bahnsteig 23
  (out 14th January 2019)

Since its inaugural release in 2015, edit label Bahnsteig 23 has explored the limits of (re)creation within the deep-rooted soundscape of 1980s, joining the dots between EBM, Italo, Krautrock and the world beyond. The drippy skull aesthetic has become synonymous with …

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