Dunkeltier & friends
w/ Joe Gill (Outlaws Yacht Club/UK),
    S.Y.R.O.B. (Co-Pilote, 101-Club/F)
    @Sameheads, Berlin, Germany


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Trans Amor Express
S.Y.R.O.B. (Copilote, 101 / Clermont-Ferrand, France)
Joe Gill (Macadam Mambo, Outlaws Yacht Club / Leeds, UK)
Dunkeltier (Bahnsteig 23, Macadam Mambo, Rat Life / DDR)



35y earlier …
a young teen explores the New Romantics! Visage, Fad Gadget and Depeche Mode among his favorites.

10y later …
as a resident DJ Syrob slowly converted a former, ‘historical’ rock venue into a unseen electronic outfit in the Auvergne region.
Each of his sets at 101 is a story in its own right. He tought the local youngsters not only to dance, but also to listen, to learn and to discover in oneself, a certain exigency, an attitude, a passion which reflects the soul of this electronic culture.

tonight …
Syrob finds an original and singular signature, mixing the darker aspects of the new-beat, the melancholy of the cold wave, the roughness of other industrial pearls, the powerful rhythms of contemporary techno, futurism , SF imagery and the hope of the Dutch electro sound and Detroit.

Joe Gill

Outlaws Yacht Club is the Sameheads of Leeds. So of course there has to happen some interchange with owner & DJ Joe Gill.
Outlaws is a place where the oddball spirits in Leeds are embraced. Joe’s curation of the bar-come-club, and its striking artwork from Jonny Cosmic, mirrors a self-confessed weirdness that gives Outlaws its own unique musical agenda.

Joe’s band Zmatsutsi, formed with Tim Hutton and Heidi Armitage, has released 2 records, the later being the LP ‘Hooked Up’ on Macadam Mambo. Roaming around left field territory they deliver a mixture of s’mazing slow beats tracks, a bit like Rimini was meeting Dusseldorf in a Golf VR6.

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Takenoko – Sneaker Mixes
  on Emotional Rescue ERC063
vinyl release: 19th November
    digital already on bandcamp

Read the incredible story of unearthing, restoring and remixing this hidden gem of synth pop!

Straight up to #1:
  ½GOTT /UV048
on the Clone Wave Charts

Gott for one day!

release insight: ½GOTT /UV048
interview on UncannyValley.de

Since we always attach great importance to the small talk competence of our listeners, we thought it would be interesting to compile some background information to the latest 12″ named ½GOTT by Scannoir and Sneaker on Uncanny Valley Records (based in Dresden, Germany).

How did the ½GOTT record come about? How and when did you produce the tracks?
Since I’m a person who is always in the habit of questioning a lot of things, I end up with the question of …

Read the whole interview on uncannyvalley.de!

½GOTT on Uncanny Valley /UV048
vinyl out 8th October

vinyl & Bandcamp: 8th October on Dresden based label Uncanny Valley
digital: 22nd October

After 3 years in the making we are very proud to announce: ½GOTT – the new project of Sneaker from Dresden/Berlin and Scannoir from Zurich, who share their love for EBM and synth pop not only when DJing but also when producing. Read more on ½GOTT!

Thessaloniki record shop guide

Thessaloniki is somehow off the map for most record addicts. So besides DimDJ I couldn’t tell for sure if any of the Greek labels I know (Geheimnis, Echovolt, lower parts, Nous) are from the 2nd biggest town in Greece since none of them try to define themselves by their town of origin.
But read yourself … click here!

Dunkeltier restoration for S.M. Nurse
  on Butterflies EP /TOP TAPE
out 27th August 2018

Theeee story … click here!

Ivan Smagghe plays Jack Pattern’s
  Animal Transformation
  (Sneaker Remix)

… twice on his Digital Tsunami podcast

… at 40:30:

and on Dekmantel radio at min 52:30:

VA – Ecdisis Vol​.​1
  on Frigio Records FRV-028
out 5th April 2018 – Vinyl only!

What’s the story? Click here!

remix for Jack Pattern -
  Animal Transformation
  (Sneaker Remix)
on Lustpoderosa 05 (out 1st July)

Finally out!
… and still – as time flies it feels like yesterday that I met the 3 Jack Pattern guys in Zurich when they played the demo of the original on the flip to me (now on Subliminale Materiale EP /Lustpoderosa 05). I knew this is Jack – a clear hit!!! Nevertheless the voice and synth in a unique, poetic marriage that inspired me for a remix. It was so etheral and dreamy. It was the perfect counterpart to my idea to create a drum track completely from morphing 16ths. And my idea didn’t try to compete with the perfect original. I couldn’t do a better dance track.
So I jammed again with the Jacob Korn extended RC-808 – only tweaking volumes and its 30+ sound-transcending knobs on a restless staccato.

Check the dark synth roller and it’s Italian lyrics on the flip plus the Kris Baha remix! What a strong EP that will warp the Zurich boys to a new league!
The label’s announcement and buy links for the Subliminale Materiale EP – click here!

out May 11th on Mechatronica:
Opus Leopard – Sternzeichen Leopard

  (Sneaker Remix)

Wow, great – tell me more!