w/ CVBox
  @Dr. Seltsam, Leipzig

Counting a grandpa amount of years in two CVBox and me go for early influences from Rob Acid to LFO to Emanuel Top to Jam&Spoon to …

  w/ Säschie(AG-Auflegen, ETK, Jena)
  @Koralle, Dresden

Playing some decent Techno with my buddy Säschie.

‘Dunkeltier Rising’ EP
  on Macadam Mambo Edits / MME-4004

MZKBX from Lyon hosts two labels which are Macadam Mambo Trax for artist EPs and Macadam Mambo Edits for – you know what.
The ‘Dunkeltier rising’ EP will feature 4 strong gestures unearthed from the vaults of vinyl digging and carefully treated by myself with a strong feeling the artists intention and the todays need on the dancefloor (30y after!).

The sad story of Kozmonaut – and our story behind the record. – Click here!

  @ Cabaret Eden, Ulm

Invited to play at the renowned ‘Bleepgeeks’ series where mates like Mick Wills played a lot we will party only until 4:00 due to the Catholic holiday Sunday. So show up early and tune in for our pre-show on the local radio from 22:00-0:00!

  Macadam Mambo in town
  w/ MZKBX, Phuong Dan, Jan Schulte, dsb
  @Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf
  @Golden Pudel, Hamburg
  @Griessmühle, Berlin


Click for line-up!

  Rat Life District
  w/ June, Vinilette
  @Altes Wettbüro, Dresden

Who’s that rat pack? Click here!

Hipodrome Podcast 016 – Dunkeltier

This is the recording of Dunkeltier’s aka SneakerDJ session at the pre-party for the STRCamp festival in Vilnius, Lithuania in July 2014.

1h mix by Dunkeltier

  w/ Vinilette
  @Transit, Berlin

   Lunatic #7
   w/ Andreas Gehm LIVE, Mix Mup
   Perm, Big Man Restless
   @IFZ, Leipzig

Tick for more info!

   w/ Monika Kruse, Mathias Kaden
   UV-floor: Steve E., Break SL
   @Muna, Bad Klosterlausnitz

Muna is one of the oldest, widely known and reputable clubs in Thuringia in the green heart of Germany. Close to my home town it’s a good opportunity to bring our recent label sound from the Elbe valley back into the wilderness of my childhood days. :]

Sebastian Lohse aka Break SL is one of the youngest members of the Uncanny Valley stable, but possibly the one, that references the musical forbears from Chicago, Detroit and New York most strongly with a steadily growing back catalogue on labels such as Philpot, Smallville and certainly the Dresden home stable of Uncanny Valley.

Steve E. is just preparing his first solo EP for Uncanny Valley after an appearance on the VA UV-010 compilation.

FB-event: facebook.com/events/306791996161735
Muna: www.muna.de