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  for the Dunkeltier Rising EP / MME4004!

It hit the Disco Charts on #6:

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  w/ Bintus (aka Binary Chaffinch) LIVE
  Kilian Krings
  Bad Boy Baader, DJ Sniggls
  @Sabotage, Dresden

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  Dear pres. Uncanny Valley

  w/ Credit 00, Sandrow M. (LIVE)
  Scherbe, Smut
  @Golem, Hamburg/G

Bar: Scherbe plays his 7″s
Krypta: Sandrow plays live
            Credit plays his 12″s

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‘Dunkeltier Rising’ EP
  on Macadam Mambo Edits / MME-4004

MZKBX from Lyon hosts two labels which are Macadam Mambo Trax for artist EPs and Macadam Mambo Edits for – you know what.
The ‘Dunkeltier rising’ EP will feature 4 strong gestures unearthed from the vaults of vinyl digging and carefully treated by myself with a strong feeling the artists intention and the todays need on the dancefloor (30y after!).

The sad story of Kozmonaut – and our story behind the record. – Click here!

  Macadam Mambo in town

  w/ MZKBX, Phuong Dan
  Jan Schulte, dsb
  @Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf
  @Golden Pudel, Hamburg
  @Griessmühle, Berlin


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  @ Cabaret Eden, Ulm

Invited to play at the renowned ‘Bleepgeeks’ series where mates like Mick Wills played a lot we will party only until 4:00 due to the Catholic holiday Sunday. So show up early and tune in for our pre-show on the local radio from 22:00-0:00!

  w/ Säschie(AG-Auflegen, ETK, Jena)
  @Koralle, Dresden

Playing some decent Techno with my buddy Säschie.

  w/ CVBox
  @Dr. Seltsam, Leipzig

Counting a grandpa amount of years in two CVBox and me go for early influences from Rob Acid to LFO to Emanuel Top to Jam&Spoon to …

  Rat Life District
  w/ June, Vinilette
  @Altes Wettbüro, Dresden

Who’s that rat pack? Click here!

Hipodrome Podcast 016 – Dunkeltier

This is the recording of Dunkeltier’s aka SneakerDJ session at the pre-party for the STRCamp festival in Vilnius, Lithuania in July 2014.

1h mix by Dunkeltier