Belleville Records pres.
  Tarek from Belleville
Fernande Légère
    @La Rotonde, Paris, France

Belleville Records invite Sneaker

Intimate gathering. High quality musics .

  • Sneaker (Fit Sound, Rat Life Records, Uncanny Valley)
  • Tarek from Belleville (Belleville Records)
  • Fernande Légère (Belleville Records)
  • Infos :
    Event on Facebook – click here!
    Mini Club – La Rotonde Stalingrad
    00h / 06h

    recording from
      Disco Církev @ Ankali, Prague
    2h+ of obscure disco gems

    Just before X-mas I was invited for Disco Cirkev at Ankali, arguably the best club in the Czech republic.
    Here is the 2:20h recording from this FB-event:
    Disco Církev w/ Sneaker, Discobolos, DJ Sen, Sobert Rhythm

    I tried to play as much obscure and Canadian electronic Disco as possible. So – on purpose – not exactly the cliché Italo disco. Disco Církev had a very welcoming, open, party-hard, gentle crowd like nowhere else! Thanks to everybody who expressed their appreciation in words after my set. Top-notch sound and monitoring at Ankali. I am still happy for the opportunity. I played mostly from vinyl and edited the recording for the best possible listening pleasure.

    podcast for
      Tales From The Evil Empire

    DJ Nephil invites.
    Tales From The Evil Empire is an event serie born in 2017 bringing together international artists ranging from ebm/industrial/minimal/wave.
    The session was recorded on the 20th of September 2019 at Calle9+1 in Medellin, Colombia during his 2nd PanAmerican tour.

    GOTT on Apparitions
    radio show on LYL radio

    For June Records – the hosts of the monthly Apparitions radio show – we submitted 1h of GOTT.
    GOTT is the name of the latest record by Scannoir & Sneaker on Uncanny Valley.
    Their love for EBM and dark synth pop they are turning into striking dance floor material in their studios in Zurich, Berlin and Dresden.
    GOTT is also performing as a DJ tag team playing extended vinyl session of old school EBM.
    The divine apparition is an excerpt of their offering at Kegelbahn, Lucerne recorded earlier this year.

    release insight: GOTT /UV051
    interview on UncannyValley.de

    GOTT has come upon us. After Scannoir answered our questions during the release of the ½GOTT EP, this time it’s his studio partner and friend Sneaker’s turn now as the new psalms have just been released .

    Can you enlighten us and clarify the discovery phase and the recording sessions for the project? Was it clear from the beginning which musical direction you wanted to take?
    Total Kommander reached me as a demo by Scannoir. The topic is …

    Read the interview on uncannyvalley.de here:

    Sneaker & Stirnband
      NDW set at Camp Cosmic 2019
    on 44,100Hz Radio

    Schlager? R u serious? – Read on & click here! …

    Beyond The Body
    1h of a slow jam stream on HÖR radio

    Beyond The Body is the new radio show by DJ Nephil & Mike Tansella Jr.
    The set by Mike here - the set by guest Jaundice (TRAM Planet) here.

    GOTT on Uncanny Valley /UV051
    vinyl out 30th October

    vinyl & Bandcamp: 30th October 2019 on Dresden based label Uncanny Valley
    digital: 13th November 2019

    After ½GOTT comes GOTT. Once again, Sneaker from Dresden/Berlin and Scannoir
    from Zurich have locked themselves up in the studio to translate their love for EBM
    and dark synth pop into striking dance floor material.
    Read more on GOTT!

    DoppelGOTT – 25x Limited Edition
    exclusive collectors set
      SOLD OUT

      Click here! See the whole glory!

    Cosmo Vitelli – Un Épisode Psychotique
      (GOTT remixes)
    out now on Les Disques De La Mort


    GOTT Creatio – Remixes are out now!
    Scannoir & me had the honour to make a remix for Cosmo Vitelli‘s great EP “Un Épisode Psychotique” on Les disques de la mort.
    Premiered on lovely 44,100Hz Social Club here and now “GOTT Creatio Instrumentalis”.
    Watch out for the upcoming GOTT EP on Uncanny Valley (to be due by the end of October)!


    Vinyl here: https://lnk.to/DLM024
    Vocal-Bonus-Track (Digital only) here:

    Pan-American Tour pt II
    Sneaker hits LatAm
        & US in September & October 2019

    dates (for details see also the dates section in the side bar!):

    19th-September-19     Odem, Bogota, Colombia
    20th-September-19     Calle 9+1, Medellin, Colombia
    26th-September-19     Yu Yu, Mexico/City, Mexico – w/ Joshua Cordova
    4th-October-19            Black Lodge, Los Angeles, US – w/ Chris Mitchell,
                                        Mike Tansella Jr. (Sons Of Traders), Kosmik, Force Placement
    5th-October-19           Squirrels On Film @ RS94109, San Francisco, US
    12th-October-19         TBA, Austin, TX, US – w/ Joshua Cordova, Marcos Cabral
    19th-October-19         Vague Output, Baltimore, US – w/ BWO