FIT Sound release party
w/ Katrina Fairlee,
    Joshua Cordova, RVDS
    @ Golden Pudel, Hamburg, Germany

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w/ Katrina Fairlee, Byron Maiden
    Joshua Cordova, mscln
    Oscar Holguin
    @ Arkaoda, Berlin, Germany

This will be out of the ordinary!
The conquistadores vice-versa are bringing more than just potatoes!

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Sneaker “DJ-Charts” July 2019
 featured on GROOVE mag

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Vini Vidi Vici – Club Stuff
 (Sneaker’s 2019 Birthday Mix)
 from ‘Ou Sommes Nous?’
on Platform 23

Wines, I saw, I won? Nevermind.
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Inside Me / Geist Bahn EP
 on Fit Sound FIT-022
w/ RVDS, Katie Fairlee, Josh Cordova
  vinyl out now

Take the journey to ur inner self!

Sneaker edit of Mexican EBM band Interface
  on VA – Pubblicazione 003 on H45T86W95
out May 2019 on vinyl only!

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Release Insight: RED / Uncanny Valley
Katrina Fairlee & Sneaker

For their next release insight Uncanny Valley has interviewed Austin’s Katrina Fairlee, who produced the track “Oak” together with Sneaker. Both got to know each other in 2018 on a small US tour, which Sneaker put together with the help of some active promoters. They ended up jamming and out came the wonderful psychedelic drum lesson that just was released on UVs latest VA compilation RED as part of their series of 7 records on occasion of cat. no. 50.

Read how the record came about:

The record en détail here:

Sneaker’s bargain bin discoveries (S-Z)
compiled for If-Only

Here is the final list of the bargain bin finds – 10 more records and their story. None too obscure of course, because I was asked to list bargain bin finds instead.

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And the past two features on If-Only:

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Katrina Fairlee & Sneaker – Oak
on VA – Red /Uncanny Valley UV50.7
    out 24th April 2019

The round number of 50 releases (plus special editions and sub labels) Uncanny Valley will celebrate by a giant series of 7 EPs. As an affiliated artist since UV004 of course I’ve been asked for a submission … Read the whole story!

  Anything Goes – Ride To Agadir
  (Sneaker No Vocal Cut)
    for RollOverMilano

This is my edit of a rare promo of a one-off German New Beat act on the
infamous Belgian BCM label.
Although the vinyl cut bears some distortion I ripped the vinyl through a
professional A-D converter to obtain the best possible sound. Also I only
limited some spikes to preserve the original dynamics.
I cut the cheesy vocals (the track is actually a cheapish cover version
– the one who fancies the vocals should buy the original). To disguise
the cuts was tiresome. The worst were apparent in the original already.
So I tried to disguise their flaws using delays and fades.
I extended the intro and outro just for a few seconds of DJ convenience.
I was further bringing the different rather chaotic, disparate themes
into a usual 4/8/16 grid etc. and pushed the vocal synth in the last
quarter by EQing. Enjoy this on the eclectic, clubby cosmic dancefloor!

  ½GOTT Edit on Materia005
    for WhyPeopleDance

Denis from 44,100Hz Social Club commented on occasion of the premiere of my ‘Face To Face’ edit on his platform:

our good friends at whypeopledance released next MATERIÁ, this time edit compilation with the best bad boys of the scene as Curses, Schmoltz, Scannoir, Iñigo Vontier, Il Est Vilaine, Panorama Channel and much more…

Download all the 16 of them! – Here!

krossfingers podcast 161: Sneaker DJ
live at Camp Cosmic 2018

My Camp Cosmic set 2018 from Humboldthain, Berlin on the Krossfingers podcast series:

I was hesitating for 9 months due to the wild mix of Soviet, US and German disco. However when listening with some distance I overcame my doubts and felt my original intention again to rather create a universal uplifting feeling of happiness. Could that even be the essence of the Camp Cosmic in a nut shell?

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