Euro Jack mix for
Research & Development, Chicago

This is the other view, the cold hand, this is the answer to a question not asked, these dots were never connected in 33 years (the earliest pick dating back to the UK in 1990).
Records from Germany, Italy, Finland, Holland, Switzerland, Austria – they all contribute to this woven fabric.
A bunch of my own joints sneaked in, plus a track (indeed done in a tracker in the early 2000s) by my best buddy Jacob Korn (we run

Be sure to catch Sneaker while he’s on his current US tour including an appearance at Podlasie Club on January 26th 2024 alongside Beau Wanzer and Jonathan Valdez!

mix for Together Alone w/ Curses &
  GOTT (Scannoir & Sneaker)

    @, Paris/F

Listen on Sat, Jan 13th 8pm CET!

Sneaker’s ‘Canatalo Journey’
    from Automaticamore
    July 14th 2023, Beate Uwe, Berlin

What the heck is Canatalo – get smarter by clicking here!

‘Orange Sunshine’ mix
    from Cosmic Deluxe festival
    Mattoni Pazzi selezione mps #036

There is a story told within these 80min – to be found here!

podcast for Left Bank Club, Tiblisi
75min of Chi-House a la Muzik Box

New podcast hosted by the Left Bank, Tbilisi where I was playing in November 2021.

In order to contrast the usual trendy
slo-mo/fast-HC/breaks/distortedPseudoIndustrial mixes
I submit a rollercoaster ride from my archives with a clear reference to Chicago.

It was recorded in the garden of About Blank, Berlin at a party hosted by Uncanny Valley . I have been affiliated with the label from Dresden since the beginning (they released over 100 records spread through 3 labels and side-projects). I will have 2 EPs and an LP with them within the next 12 months.

  @ Mutant Radio Marathon Birthday
Tiflis, Georgia

Review 1h left of the centre. Left of the field. Playing Polar Praxis, Matador (post-Malaria), Pop Negatif Wastad, Single Gun Theory … for the 2nd anniversary of Mutant Radio.

28th-September-21, 8-11pm CET
  Dreams Of Neon stream on IFM
  w/ Mike Tansella Jr., Farben Alle
Humboldthain, Berlin, Germany

Review the event – click here!

  @ Mutant Radio, Tiflis, Georgia
w/ Chris Mitchell, Mike Tansella Jr.

I couldn’t find it myself on yt, but got the link from Mutant Radio.
So whoever missed our show – here we go again!
Mike Tansella Jr., me + Chris Mitchell in Tiblisi with 3 very different sets, yet in the same musical orbit and mindset.

My hour in the middle is focussed on synth pop … more than ever!!! So it’s very melodic, gloomy, in parts aggressive and towards the end almost divine (demos by Scannoir & me).


Bordello A Parigi Radio presents
  Friday 3 o’clock at the
  Cosmic Gathering 2021, Chemnitz

    1,5h full of Gertalo, Canatalo and …

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For The Love Of The Game!
a relict of the past
    recorded at Kassablanca, Jena in 2007

A relict of the past – a night at Kassablanca Jena in the year 2007. Presenting even more reminiscent house records at a time when the sound was nowhere else to be heard in Thuringia.
Sometimes you are just lucky to record a perfect session. A timeless selection that aged very well. Even the “hits” don’t bother me after listening to it countless times.
Thanks to Da Niel from AROMA + for the request and occasion to present this archival recording!

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