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  GOTT – Mutatio EP /mp002

    Juno, Record Collector Mag &

It’s dark outside and there’s a chill in the air. Beasts emerge from the shadows of Stevenage to stalk your waking nightmares. But hang on a Hertfordshire minute, my friend, because Fields Of The Nephilim’s 1988 version of The Watchman never sounded like this. Remixed by German/Swiss EBM (I hate that term) merchants Gott, it’s now a thrilling yet gothic electro-pop workout that resembles nothing more than the precision-tooled best of New Order – I kid thee not. The vocals are unceremoniously sidelined for much of the nigh-on seven minutes of electronic glory, but the Neff’s doomy qualities remain, and so does that bleak guitar line that so identified the original. Mesmerising. On t’other side, Southend-On-Sea industrialists[…]

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Bionda e Lupo – La Deutsche Vita
reviewed on HHV-Mag

HHV-Mag was so kind to review our double album. Click here!
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tracks of the week
  for Balearic Sunday
a Cosmic selection by Sneaker

I was asked to pick 7 of my favorite Cosmic songs of the 2023 summer season (follow the link to BalearicSunday.com and you can listen to each track):

˙˙·٠•●♥ Tracks of the week, Sneaker selection ♥●•٠·˙˙
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Release Insight: Sneaker – The Flow
interview on uncannyvalley.de

As always with our releases, we thought it would be a nice bonus feature to compile some background information. So, here’s Sneaker giving us some insights into the inspirations that shaped “The Flow”.

Che-check it out! Here: https://www.uncannyvalley.de/articles/release-insight-sneaker-the-flow

Release Insight: RED / Uncanny Valley
Katrina Fairlee & Sneaker

For their next release insight Uncanny Valley has interviewed Austin’s Katrina Fairlee, who produced the track “Oak” together with Sneaker. Both got to know each other in 2018 on a small US tour, which Sneaker put together with the help of some active promoters. They ended up jamming and out came the wonderful psychedelic drum lesson that just was released on UVs latest VA compilation RED as part of their series of 7 records on occasion of cat. no. 50.

Read how the record came about:

The record en détail here:

Premiere & review: Dunkeltier – The Blade
  from the edit EP on Bahnsteig 23
  (out 14th January 2019)

Since its inaugural release in 2015, edit label Bahnsteig 23 has explored the limits of (re)creation within the deep-rooted soundscape of 1980s, joining the dots between EBM, Italo, Krautrock and the world beyond. The drippy skull aesthetic has become synonymous with …

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Straight up to #1:
  ½GOTT /UV048
on the Clone Wave Charts

Gott for one day!

Faze Mag
And a review in German language on Faze-Mag: https://www.fazemag.de/%C2%BD-gott-ep-uncanny-valley/

out May 11th on Mechatronica:
Opus Leopard – Sternzeichen Leopard

  (Sneaker Remix)

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5 Q&A interview for banq.de
(German only)

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Bionda e Lupo climbs up
  the 2017 annual charts
on hhv,
    Krossfingers , Clubbing Spain
    and 44,100Hz Social Club!

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