33RPM+8% Paris presents
  Sneakers top-10 Bakalao traxx

On occasion of the new Meet The Heat EP on ILM Records 33RPM+8% blog from Paris publishes another list of recommendations – this time we move the focus to Spain. To be precise to Valencia and its late 80s/early 90s Bakalao scene and the Ruta Destroy.

Producers at the time were ‘uncompromisingly’ (care)free. Ethno pipes, saxophones – with some cheese topping. No problem. You might have expected this tune in a very good IBM-PC game of the time. The result reminds me of 90s cosmic records. This shameless everything goes attitude – to implement ethnic structures in context-free dance music (the cosmic scene often overlaid their exotic flea market finds with a 909).

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Igloo reviews Holistical EP/LUNATIC04

One of the last critics beyond praising favourites or everything – Robbie Geoghegan inspires to have in-depth encounters with music instead of consuming it.

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33RPM+8% Paris presents Sneakers
  10 all-time recommendations

What is 33RPM+8%?
Musical finds by Ed Isar and his guests, from forgotten gems to new releases. Playlists shared on his blog – tracks and mixes on the tumblr website.

“I am not a digger and also these records don’t have a relation. They seem to be too eclectic, but they are connected by their time and history– the 80s and 90s. From East Germany I was observing all that with a looking glass. I am not authentic concerning the social environment of these tracks at all, but I am conscious. And that’s a genre itself. These records meant a lot to me at some point and even today in my artist practice – how I think about culture and form. And I have only chosen the one that could mean something to you and should inspire you as a DJ, producer, engineer or party addict.”
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Music video, podcasts and plays
  for the Dunkeltier Rising EP/MME4004!

It hit the Clone.nl Disco Charts on #6:

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Waves on ‘You think, You think’
  from Uncanny Valley 004

Besides all honouring liscensing ‘You think, you think!’ was used by ARTLIST NEW YORK for their online portfolio lately. The Big Apple agencies clients sound familiar – ELLE, VOGUE, DIOR, … the result is a stunning video snippet of the original 12 minutes track. TOGGLE TO FULL SCREEN!!!

DBX’ Daniel Bell loosing control.


Uncanny Valley label feature on Resident Advisor plus a mix by C-Beams.


Crème-head TLR was mixing ‘You think, You think’ for the Juno Plus podcast.


French filter house legend Cassius was mixing it for the official ‘I LOVE TECHNO 2011′ festival compilation among artists like JTC, Marcel Dettmann, Kevin Saunderson or Mike Dehnert.


Deetron mixed it on the Balance mix-CD series along the usual suspects. But how the hell can you mix it into a Matthew Johnson track?


Daniel Avery on mixing the FABRIClondon mix-CD #66 featuring “You Think, You Think”:

“It’s rare to be able to take such risks in a club, especially at a time when anybody can mix together crowd-pleasing fodder on their laptop. That’s not for me. I love weird records; that original, lawless spirit of acid house where the music is pulsing but will also throw in some mind-bending, psychedelic elements to knock you sideways and make you lose yourself within it. This mix is my take on that idea.” Daniel Avery

UV020.1 / Various Artists
  (first out of three 12″ vinyls)

UV020 artwork by Paul Waak

Release date: March 7th 2014 (Vinyl & Digital)
Preorder at Bandcamp

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Rat Life Records launched on 12″
  Dunkeltier rising / Credit fucks up

Life is a bitch!

“A lot of times we played places that got fear in ‘em, where some fear went down. East germany, you know Dresden, places that aint particularly happy” Read the whole damn thing, click here!

Traxx plays Serial Error at
  Plastic People, London

Plastic People
A few weeks ago Traxx - our US-born Dresden homie – played along Mute Records’ Daniel Miller (producer of Depeche Mode, Fad Gadget…) at Plastic People, London.
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Know what you are doin'!

After endless transcription and editing Philipp Demankowski (Uncanny Valley’s press spokesman) finished a profound talk on the history and practice of electronic music. Inspiring for anybody who is seeking for the inner heart of our passion. Including a lot of links and media to dig to.

We enter an old office building in the heart of Dresden where some of the Uncanny Valley-artists have their studios. Luckily, the dull architecture apparently doesn’t influence the musical outcome. Sneaker, who’ve just released his Java/Sumatra EP, is working here right next to Jacob Korn and Break SL and they meet up from time to…

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Java/Sumatra EP (UV016)
  review on Juno

Sneaker makes his debut on Uncanny Valley, with an EP supposedly inspired by a hot, humid stay in Indonesia.