33RPM+8% Paris presents Sneakers
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What is 33RPM+8%?
Musical finds by Ed Isar and his guests, from forgotten gems to new releases. Playlists shared on his blog – tracks and mixes on the tumblr website.

“I am not a digger and also these records don’t have a relation. They seem to be too eclectic, but they are connected by their time and history– the 80s and 90s. From East Germany I was observing all that with a looking glass. I am not authentic concerning the social environment of these tracks at all, but I am conscious. And that’s a genre itself. These records meant a lot to me at some point and even today in my artist practice – how I think about culture and form. And I have only chosen the one that could mean something to you and should inspire you as a DJ, producer, engineer or party addict.”
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