Advent season greetings!!!
FREE Edit by A. Wassersleben & Sneaker

Albi and me did an edit of pakistani film music some years ago.
The name refers to the book “Midnight’s Children” by the indian/pakistani author Salman Rushdie
You can download and play it 4 free via the objekt klein a Christmas calender.
Midnight’s Children (Albi & SneakerDJ)

Listen to more of my edits! Here:

VA – Echo Locations on Tursiops
new Bandcamp-only label
    devoted to edits pres. by Ed Isar

Read on, dear dolphins!

Vini Vidi Vici – Club Stuff
 (Sneaker’s 2019 Birthday Mix)
 from ‘Ou Sommes Nous?’
on Platform 23

Wines, I saw, I won? Nevermind.
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Sneaker edit of Mexican EBM band Interface
  on VA – Pubblicazione 003 on H45T86W95
out May 2019 on vinyl only!

Check this – click here for the full post!

  Anything Goes – Ride To Agadir
  (Sneaker No Vocal Cut)
    for RollOverMilano

This is my edit of a rare promo of a one-off German New Beat act on the
infamous Belgian BCM label.
Although the vinyl cut bears some distortion I ripped the vinyl through a
professional A-D converter to obtain the best possible sound. Also I only
limited some spikes to preserve the original dynamics.
I cut the cheesy vocals (the track is actually a cheapish cover version
– the one who fancies the vocals should buy the original). To disguise
the cuts was tiresome. The worst were apparent in the original already.
So I tried to disguise their flaws using delays and fades.
I extended the intro and outro just for a few seconds of DJ convenience.
I was further bringing the different rather chaotic, disparate themes
into a usual 4/8/16 grid etc. and pushed the vocal synth in the last
quarter by EQing. Enjoy this on the eclectic, clubby cosmic dancefloor!

  ½GOTT Edit on Materia005
    for WhyPeopleDance

Denis from 44,100Hz Social Club commented on occasion of the premiere of my ‘Face To Face’ edit on his platform:

our good friends at whypeopledance released next MATERIÁ, this time edit compilation with the best bad boys of the scene as Curses, Schmoltz, Scannoir, Iñigo Vontier, Il Est Vilaine, Panorama Channel and much more…

Download all the 16 of them! – Here!

‘Dunkeltier Glooming’ EP
  on Bahnsteig 23 / BAH049
  (out 14th January 2019)

Can you still tanz?

Ze Dresden don returnz mit final missonen.

Arcade go loop-de-loop.

Arabia Town rock’n’stroll.

Ce Soir pour industrial complexion.

The Blade de herzsaiten.

Danke Dunkeltier, Sneaker, Gino. Guter Freund.

Remember Peoples. Bahnsteig not beige shite. Ein mal noch !!!

Order the 12″ here:

    bandcamp (also digitally available)
    Red Eye/UK

VA – Ecdisis Vol​.​1
  on Frigio Records FRV-028
out 5th April 2018 – Vinyl only!

What’s the story? Click here!

  Sneaker Edit for Mange Moi

As Mange Moi puts it:
‘Twisted Kraut Techno For All Disturbed Clubs’

REPRESS available of my 4 edits on
  Various – Danzas Electricas
  Macadam Mambo LP404
2×12″ plus 7″

Repress available of the highly sought after Macadam Mambo​ VA – Danzas Electrics 2×12″+7″!!!
Finally you can catch your copy at:

physical stores: Syncrophone, Chez Emile, Tactile, Vary, Fat Fenders

  Red Eye
  Piccadilly Records
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