Bionda e Lupo – Ton Rire EP reviewed and played
  by Juno Plus, Marsman, Paul Du Lac …

Juno Plus reviewed the Ton Rire EP on Bordello A Parigi. Thanks for pushing the release and finding matching words for our music!

Marsman (Charlois, Pinkman Rec.) did the opener playing the record twice at this winters New Dance Fantasy at the end of his opening set for the Bordello A Parigi floor.

Biorhythms Paul played Ton Rire in his Digital Tsunami podcast:

Thanks, Paul!

716 Paris features two playlists
by Bionda e Lupo revealing
  their inspirations

Bionda e Lupo is a duo that has just released a 12″ on Bordello a Parigi « Ton Rire ». Their sound is somewhere between synth pop, electro and the vibe is sexual, nostalgic, energetic, a bit of all this. 716 wanted to know more about the musical influences of the duo. The Playlist comes in 2 parts, first Bionda and then, Lupo aka Sneaker DJ.

For the full post including heart-melting comments follow this link to 716 Paris:

Biondas playlist features German Italo, Dutch neo minimal synth, Anika and Einstürzende Neubauten:

Lupos playlist touches early electronics, NDW, house, wave, jak beat and explains who, where & when these influences stroke:

Check the post on 716 blog!

Krossfingers points on Dunkeltier
  for 2 out of 10 records of the month

According to Ukrainian Krossfingers blog the Dunkeltier Striking 12″ EP on Bahnsteig 23 is announced to be one of the best records in January 2016.
Not enough also the Gotling LP – G-SX on Mond Musik 003 (incl. Dunkeltier/Ober Mannkind edit) hit the top 10 of this month.


Have a read here:

Haunted Samba vs. Algerian Raï
  Who’s the favourite …

… from the Algerian Raï EP on Rat Life Records?

Oliver Hafenbauer opened his Boiler Room set with the weird preset drum track Haunted Samba is.

Haunted Samba was charted by Leipzigs finest Steffen Bennemann.

And it was played by Ostgut Ton regular Roman Lindau in his Invite podcast:

The multi label crooner Chuggy (Emotional Response / Emotional Rescue / Sacred Summits / …) dropped it in his eclectic-as-fuck NTS radio show:

And Axel Boman likes it! ;)

oh kiss my neck and make me shiver!
this is like that time i met a norwegian girl in thailand around 2002 and thought she’s too hot for me but then she suddenly put her hand in my trousers and said something about my my neck my back lick my pussy and my crack (allthough it could have been something completely different, drunk norwegian is not easy to understand for a swede) and later on the beach she fell asleep on my chest while the sun came up and years later i met her in oslo but then the magic was all gone
so, 5/5 in my crate!

Leftfield connoisseurs however prefer the A-side with the Maghreb vibe that Algerian Raï has.
Cosmo Vitelli played it for his radio mix on Rinse FM:

So did Mark Van De Maat – who runs Knekelhuis – quite in the middle of his podcast on (links to full article and interview):

DJB Podcast #367 – Mark van de Maat by Djbroadcast on Mixcloud

guest post on Parisian 33RPM+8% blog
  What is Raï?

Check the post on the 33RPM+8% blog!
Complementing the recent EP on Rat Life Records I submitted a discoursive feature on Algerian Raï music including a list of impressive poly rhythms.


review of Algerian Raï EP
  by frohfroh (German only)

Good work and research done here for a sneak review of a Maghreb cosmic spiral and the tribal madness on the flip side of the Algerian Raï EP / RAT 6 and a preview the RAT 7 by Mono Junk:

FrohFroh is a blog focussed on electronic music released or produced in Leipzig, Germany.

Read on – the original post on on the EP release:

review of Algerian Raï EP
  by Resident Advisor

The review on RA:

RA states that I rather should blend “European house and techno” with Arab vocals.
That’s quite the opposite of my approach!
Why I am measured with somebody else’s too-obvious, superficially simple flash of genius?
If one is familiar with my productions s/he knows that I am mostly exploring fields of percussion far away from the Roland TR/boom-ts territory … read more!

video for Queen For A Night (DUNKELTIER EDIT)
  taken from Holistical EP / LUNATIC 004

Philipp Le Cell blends the leftfield avant guarde audio with his leftfield video animation. Follow his channel:

Check the Holistical EP here incl. snippets and a view on the ridiculous artwork!
Buy a last remaining vinyl copy or the HQ files in our Lunatic bandcamp shop in your favorite file format!

Uncanny Valley: 5 years on parole
  new project Dérive on the
  VA – What’s happening EP (UV030)

Yes, I like reading (in general, as a hobby and about this record).

Gesloten Cirkel remixes
  Jacob Korn feat. Sneaker – Heteronomous

Gesloten Cirkel features or remixes(?) Heteronomous – a track from Jacob Korn​ and me. Vocals, percussion and bass we did back in 2012 for Jacobs debut album You & Me. The lyrics on Chasing Away The Night are by Bionda aka Sane. Out on Murder Capital.

Or rather out of stock already:

I am honoured, though next time I wanna be asked beforehand.

Ah, and here is the original released on Uncanny Valley:

Still available on CD, digital and 2xLP (click the bandcamp link!).