mix for Have A Nice Day
recorded at La Deutsche Vita
    release party for Sound Metaphors

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The Disco Train
for Berlin Ear Guard

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Deep Cover #8
  VINYL ONLY – out now!
Sneaker pres. 4 edits
    of Continental Electronic Disco Sound

The dark beast descends on Deep Cover’s enclave with a curious quartet of teutonic tweaks from the valley of the clueless. Scandinavian love on German waves of time. A Mediterranean salutation to a cruising Colombian.

What this actually means in terms of source material still leaves us guessing, although we can confirm all four tracks fall down the cosmic / electro disco wormhole. It’s another foray into the unknown from the cult collective Deep Cover and, as following usual procedure – is super limited to 150 copies. The mystery continues as the vibe expands… Highly recommended shizzle, don’t snooze.

Matt says:

Deep Cover deploy a sneaky clutch of cosmic edits that’ll have you reaching for the amyl quicker than you can say ‘Danielle Baldelli tape pack prego Signore’

12″ with insert in stickered sleeve Click for a list of available shop links!

Euro Jack mix for
Research & Development, Chicago

This is the other view, the cold hand, this is the answer to a question not asked, these dots were never connected in 33 years (the earliest pick dating back to the UK in 1990).
Records from Germany, Italy, Finland, Holland, Switzerland, Austria – they all contribute to this woven fabric.
A bunch of my own joints sneaked in, plus a track (indeed done in a tracker in the early 2000s) by my best buddy Jacob Korn (we run tailout.de).

Be sure to catch Sneaker while he’s on his current US tour including an appearance at Podlasie Club on January 26th 2024 alongside Beau Wanzer and Jonathan Valdez!

mix for Together Alone w/ Curses &
  GOTT (Scannoir & Sneaker)

    @ Rinse.fm, Paris/F

Listen on Sat, Jan 13th 8pm CET!

Dunkeltier macht Spaß!
  VINYL ONLY – out now!
4 edits of leftfield wave
    on Reach Another System RAS-EDIT1

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Sneaker’s ‘Canatalo Journey’
    from Automaticamore
    July 14th 2023, Beate Uwe, Berlin

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‘Orange Sunshine’ mix
    from Cosmic Deluxe festival
    Mattoni Pazzi selezione mps #036

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3 reviews for
  GOTT – Mutatio EP /mp002

    Juno, Record Collector Mag &

It’s dark outside and there’s a chill in the air. Beasts emerge from the shadows of Stevenage to stalk your waking nightmares. But hang on a Hertfordshire minute, my friend, because Fields Of The Nephilim’s 1988 version of The Watchman never sounded like this. Remixed by German/Swiss EBM (I hate that term) merchants Gott, it’s now a thrilling yet gothic electro-pop workout that resembles nothing more than the precision-tooled best of New Order – I kid thee not. The vocals are unceremoniously sidelined for much of the nigh-on seven minutes of electronic glory, but the Neff’s doomy qualities remain, and so does that bleak guitar line that so identified the original. Mesmerising. On t’other side, Southend-On-Sea industrialists[…]

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GOTT – Mutatio
  2 remixes of classic EBM-wave
vinyl-only, release date: Sept 1st
    on Mattoni Pazzi mps002

Scannoir & Sneaker, aka “GOTT”, explore, transform and mutate. This unique collaboration embodies the perfect symbiosis of passion. “Die Deutsch-Schweizerische Freundschaft” is still profound and continues to have an effect.
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