Bahnsteig 23
  w/ Kris Baha, Alexis Le-Fan
  Ziggy Sternenstaub
@Sameheads, Berlin, Germany


  Sneaker DJ (Bahnsteig 23, Frigio, Uncanny Valley)
  Kris Baha (Bahnsteig 23, Power Station)
  Alexis Le-Fan (Bahnsteig 23)
  Ziggy Sternenstaub (Bahnsteig 23)

FB-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1855955391400900/

Bionda e Lupo hit the
  Clone Wave Top 10!

We are proud to hit the clone.nl Wave Top 10 on #3 with our ‘Die Kinder aus dem Park EP’ on Charlois!
Just two positions away from our idols of ‘Crash Course In Science’ …

All the info on the EP (incl. diverse ‘where to buy’ links) you can find here: Bionda e Lupo - Die Kinder aus dem Park EP

Bionda e Lupo -
 Die Kinder aus dem Park EP

  12″ out on 2nd October 2017

Bionda e Lupo are like little you’ll have heard before, a boy/girl band like no other. Synth wave is fed a line of modern alienation, delusory disco to a disdainful drum beat, house emptied and ridiculed. Rhythms are stark, melodies are as mechanical as the lyrics.
Zug Der Vögel is sparse, vocals intertwine in an empty embrace whilst bars sparkle. Твои Глаза [Twoi Glasza] is more playful. Bright words shimmer against sweeping strings. The past is parodied across the EP but nowhere more so than in Die Kinder Aus Dem Park. A former classic dug out before being peppered by machine gun percussion. The stilted rhyme of Eckstein closes, a ballad of bittersweet images and lost hopes.

Click for more lovely details …

716 Exclusive Mix – Dunkeltier
  Beyond The Iron Curtain
on 716 La Vie, Paris

My contribution is the reenactment of my long prepared mix of Russian (Italo) Disco and Post Punk for the Friday afternoon slot at the Camp Cosmic festival 2017. For those who don’t know it yet – Camp Cosmic is THE event for disco diggers in Europe since invented by Albion in Sweden in 2011 and now co-hosted by Spacelex and a bunch of underground supporters from Dresden and Berlin. Since last year the festival takes place close to Leipzig, Germany. The festival has grown steadily and now hosts a 2nd stage for electronic live acts and rather obscure DJ adventures. …

The full story: http://716lavie.com/716-exclusive-mix-dunkeltier-beyond-the-iron-curtain/

The previous first take on Soviet music from 2016 in collab w/ Bad Boy Baader for Discus Throwers, Vienna: http://sneakerdj.com/soviet-shock-wavespodcast-for-discus-throwersby-bad-boy-baader-dunkeltier/

  Edit Serie #5 Dunkeltier Edit
on 44,100hz Social Club

Here is another freebie for all you digital bees out there.
Straight synth pop fueled Italian early 90s EBM from one of my favourite bands.

I prepared this edit years ago. I’ve bought the CD to have the best possible source and for a long time it was in my digital drawer. It’s close to the original, yet incorporates chopped clips from the Razormaid mix, pronounced percussive parts and of course an extended DJ intro.

Sneaker BAH037
  on Bahnsteig 23
4 new disco edits

As seen on NTS! ;) – Andrew Weatherall is featuring Goddess at his “MUSIC’S NOT FOR EVERYONE” show!

Sneaker ist heir.

Edit God. Edit Goddess.

Macho macho Watumba.

Really really really Magic Fly.

Do it Do it Do it King.

Panzer Peoples heil de neu Deutsche Meister ov Edits.

Available at OYE, Juno, Red Eye, decks.de, deejay.de

Radio Mix for Endless Illusion
on Intergalactic FM

On occasion of my latest visit and party with Endless Illusion in Prague we went for a recording session to Kosmos radio studio.
The mix starts off with the latest Frigio by Mick Clarke, followed by Austrian minimal synth by Poligam and meanders through unexpected Cosmic 909 grooves, hard-to-find New Beat and Australian avantgarde punk 7″s. Enjoy listening!

Sneaker DJ in the mix for
  Captcha Family
video stream

Captcha x Frigio x Dimensional Waves x Discoteca

Early evening of the 7th July 2017 somewhere in the centre of Madrid along with Dimensional Waves and Frigio Records. Later Juanpablo and me have played our Frigio showcase for the Discoteca hosts at Sala Republik.

Captcha is a Madrid-based platform streaming DJ & live sets. Check their profile to find hundreds of videos:
Captcha Family on Facebook.

Dunkeltier podcast
  Discoteca Series 09
+Madrid record shop special

As a teaser for the b2b double impact with Juanpablo (Frigio Records head) at Discoteca, Madrid I drop you this recording from the Vague Output mid-week session in Baltimore last month (label honcho BWO comes to Leipzig on the 4th of August).
Playing slow (like a Wednesday suggests in some way) for two hours – mostly wavish e.g. from the likes of As Longitude and Kashual Plastik.

Read a introduction to Madrid record shops researched just last week!

  Karl Biscuit – Fables Prehistoriques/
  Pteroglyphe (Sneaker Edit)
for Kablys Club, Vilnius, Lithuania

Kaip žinote į Devilstone pasikvietėme Sneaker DJ. O šis, apsilankymo Lietuvoje proga, jums ir mums dovanoja nemokamą kūrinį. Griebkit kol karštas ir kol galit!

The Kablys facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kablysvilnius/

4 edits on Various – Danzas Electricas
  Macadam Mambo LP404
2×12″ plus 7″ out in May 2017

For the second release of 2017 Macadam Mambo is launching a special compilation of official cuts made by friends of the label, mostly very obscure tracks in a « Metalic Sacha’s vibe » from post-punk to synth-pop, experimental and more…

Click for full tracklist!