Dunkeltier macht Spaß!
  VINYL ONLY – out now!
4 edits of leftfield wave
    on Reach Another System RAS-EDIT1

Dunkeltier macht Spaß! A friend told us it’s long awaited. So yes, now the saga goes on. Luckily! With a pinch of salt. But it’s not a hoax! Years after the EPs on Macadam Mambo and Bahnsteig 23, das Dunkeltier is back on wax, this time on the German label Reach Another System aka RAS Records. It comes as no surprise that it’s a surprise box drawing from the bottomless pit that is the 80s. And again, these edits are closer stylistically to his dark side project boldly named GOTT than to his more gleeful mainstay alias Sneaker. The sources of these four obscurities are only revealed to the third ear of the knowledgeable digger, but let us give you a hint – gathered are Teutonic Titans, a Bauhaus offshoot and a digital symphony orchestra. Kein Spaß!

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release date: Dec 8th, 2023
Distributed by Word & Sound.
Cat.no.: RAS-EDIT1