‘Orange Sunshine’ mix
    from Cosmic Deluxe festival
    Mattoni Pazzi selezione mps #036

Returning to a Cosmic fest after last year’s hiatus left me with one big question – what to play? The 7″ collection didn’t grow considerably in the last 2 years. So I picked the records that grew accumulated since I played a darker set – well … as Dunkeltier in 2016. Not particularly «Cosmic» either. But remarkably psychedelic – not only because of the Timothy Leary citations – and therefore in the Cosmic tradition in a wider sense. It’s clashing here and there – the typical friction I accept, I am even seeking for in my sets ever since (or at least since the Disco Train is rolling on Rat Life 1 in 2013). Far from synced, generic patterns the mix is challenging you with disharmonic dubbing, dares to layer badly edited originals (comparable to disco records «without a click») and even entirely different metra. Not mentioning the hard to grasp sunless tunes before I blend into more celestial realms.

I don’t offer a tracklist, but I wanna point you to two tunes by the fabulous label Moonwalk X (stay up-to-date on Insta here!) – run by the equally genius and adored DJ turning head by shouting his name Cid Hohner.

Thanks to Andri and Marco from Mattoni Pazzi (follow them here!) and of course Wahid and all peeps from Cosmic Deluxe!