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Absolute Body Control ‎– Tanzmusik
(Sneakers ‘Dunkle Phase’ Ajustement)

  on Forbidden Games picture disc & CD

Absolute Body Control (Dirk Ivens’ and Eric Van Wonterghems legendary minimal synth project) present its ‪#‎RSD16‬ release ‘Forbidden Games’ for the record store day 2016. It includes “Tanzmusik (Sneakers ‘Dunkle Phase’ Ajustment)”:

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Gotling – G-ZX LP on Mond Musik
  incl. a Dunkeltier/OMk edit

The latest project under my ‘Dunkeltier’ disguise:

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‘Dunkeltier Striking’ EP
  on Bahnsteig 23 / BAH026

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FREE DOWNLOAD: Todotodo – Nativa

On occasion of the new Dunkeltier Striking EP due to December on Bahnsteig 23 I present a juicy, tasty leftover; an edit that didn’t make it on the EP.
The source of the new Dunkeltier edit (this moniker I use for the dark ones) has seen a re-release on the ‘Tecnodelia · Tendencias (1980-1981)’ LP on the Domestica label from Barcelona. The band itself emerged from the Valencian underground in the mid-80s.

The re-released album is described in its full glory and well researched – as always on Domestica -
on the offical release page on on …Read on! Click-a-lick! …

Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime

After quite some time – too much time – I publish another edit for your downloading pleasures (100 on this free soundcloud account).
Again an 80s classic. From multitracks.
I basically pushed the groove and left snare and HH aside. Also I emphasized the chain-gang-like chanting. Forth and back between lead singer and choir. It became a quite relaxed cosmic tune …

And further for all you DJs out there I provide the proper tool to mix in smoothly by sneaking in the beat first before switching over to the edit. It captures the basic groove and everyone should be served – one or the other way.

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‘Dunkeltier Rising’ EP
  on Macadam Mambo Edits / MME-4004

MZKBX from Lyon hosts two labels which are Macadam Mambo Trax for artist EPs and Macadam Mambo Edits for – you know what.
The ‘Dunkeltier rising’ EP will feature 4 strong gestures unearthed from the vaults of vinyl digging and carefully treated by myself with a strong empathy for the artists intention and the todays need on the dancefloor (30y after!).

The sad story of Kozmonaut – and our story behind the record. – Click here!

Edit Service 37 – by Sneaker DJ
  hosted by I’m A Cliché Rec./Paris

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Flash Zero – Trans-Mission Mixx

THIS IS A FREE GIVE AWAY DOWNLOAD!!! (upper right corner in the soundcloud embed)

Flash Zero is a Spanish EBM/Synth Pop project, so don’t be mislead by the trancy title.
I picked this record at ‘Recycled Music Center’ Calle de la Palma, Nº 34 in Madrid, so I bought it where that music happened. Our mate DJ F aka Idegrama hosts a lot of the music of the so called early 90s ‘Bacalao‘ scene of Valencia (kind of the Spanish New Beat wave). This music and the shop strangely features lots of German Records by the likes of Torsten Fenslau or Talla 2XLC.

The music is also called Maquina…!

Further check the legendary ROTOR record store!:
GRAN VIA, 40. 6º pta. Junto a CALLAO frente al cine Avenida

The cover of ‚Trans-Mission’ features flashy pantone colors on a silver print. Very matching artwork, indeed.
However Flash Zero seems to be one of those mediocre Atari based productions.
And even my editing couldn’t really disperse the cheesy (late 80s Italo), hectic, strenous feeling throughout the track. They definitively should have saved the rim and sometimes there are two! staccato kickdrums at the same time EQed and panned differently – but still without success.
I changed the original beat intro with a more stakkato loop from the back of the track to emphasize the percussive feeling and cut vocals as I usually do.

Make up your mind on that one! And no matter what follow me and let me know if you also favour the cover to the record itself!…ion/master/266354

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Rat Life Records launched on 12″
  Dunkeltier rising / Credit fucks up

Life is a bitch!

“A lot of times we played places that got fear in ‘em, where some fear went down. East germany, you know Dresden, places that aint particularly happy” Read the whole damn thing, click here!