‘Dunkeltier Striking’ EP
  on Bahnsteig 23 / BAH026

Maneuvers to Dresden for the Dunkeltier missonen. Follow jaw drop debut “Rising” for Macadam Mambo edits, Sneaker DJ dons persona for 4 cut n pastes of library, EBM, industrial und proto groove musings to neu welt orders. Bahnsteig not beige balearic nu disco shite edit machine but searching deeper,. Schnell!
Speigel TV is youth reminder of joke time aber now for the tanzfloor. Groovy. Cruisin generates proto 4/4 hymns for dose of 909ers. Tear It Down does so mit electric body punk funk. Ending am TV-show bringen it home. Bis the East lover.
Can you tanz?
Panzer Peoples Unite !!!

12″ available on Juno: