Vini Vidi Vici – Club Stuff
 (Sneaker’s 2019 Birthday Mix)
 from ‘Ou Sommes Nous?’
on Platform 23

Wines, I saw, I won? Nevermind.

Platform 23 returns with the reissue of songs from Canadian project, Vini Vidi Vici. With just one privately pressed mini-album in 1989 that bridged the gap between the later years of New Wave and the early vestiges of House, the music included in this edited EP highlights a thriving Montreal scene in its heyday.
Included is [a digital bonus] remix by Berlin’s Sneaker DJ and he take on Club Stuff. When digging through the tapes a later, tougher demo of the track was unearthed and who better than to send to Sneaker for examination.

I couldn’t explain in any better. :]