FREE DOWNLOAD: Todotodo – Nativa

On occasion of the new Dunkeltier Striking EP due to December on Bahnsteig 23 I present a juicy, tasty leftover; an edit that didn’t make it on the EP.
The source of the new Dunkeltier edit (this moniker I use for the dark ones) has seen a re-release on the ‘Tecnodelia · Tendencias (1980-1981)’ LP on the Domestica label from Barcelona. The band itself emerged from the Valencian underground in the mid-80s.

The re-released album is described in its full glory and well researched – as always on Domestica -
on the offical release page on on

TODOTODO was a Technorchestra which emerged on the music stage at the beginning of the eighties, just when Techno movement was the dominant one in the European music framework.
Although its influences were much wider, the three members in TT were absolutely committed to the contemporarity of Techno music language and its possibilities. Every third of the trio was, in itself, an open door towards creativity and each one was concerned with a different view of the same reality, to which, through different ways, they wanted to reach all together with every song they wrote. Francisco “Paco” García, in an impossible get-together with Truman Capote, Andy Warhol and Erik Satie, translated into numbers the stave graphology, almost in a cabalistic way. [...] [Read on!]

‘Nativa’ is the most likely track to dance to from the album – so it was due to be edited.
The Domestica remaster was quite agressive in the mid-range and the original arrangement of ‘Nativa’ gave little time for DJ’s and dancers to indulge into the heavy groovy bassline. This was adjusted.
And finally – just before the upload – I also EQed the (sub)bass to my taste. Less pumped, more authentic (808 action), proper sub.

If you feel this upload is an undesired violation of your copyright – let me know and I take it down. I did my best to promote the original vinyl release, the band and the label.

BTW, here is another edit for download that I found (the original is taken from the release: TODOTODO – ” ENSAYO ” 2012 REF. DOM09​-​L):