The Maxx – Acid and House Music (SNEAKERS COMPLETE REWORK)

The Maxx is one of my favourite New Beat projects (The other is Amnesia). The original of ‘Acid And House Music’ has synths horrible for today’s listener. It has this commercial, penetrating feeling which I didn’t really like.

So instead I stressed the bass loop with this ‘I’m a disco dancer’ sound (Maybe Christopher Just was inspired by this track.).
Now you’ll find as well a reverbed just-beat intro and outro from another ‘The Maxx’ track for the DJ in you.

With monotone loops I generally feel good to use phasing, as you can follow in the second third before we get up to the 909 snare hits. Finally I changed the melody of the bass to create something that reminds me of ‘Eric Prydz – 123′.