Shannon – Let The Music Play (SNEAKERS EDIT)

Who really would still play this song? Even after it was remixed over and over, worse and worst again. Myself is not ashamed enough to keep my fingers off this song. But at least – I guess – an edit for the dj of the original 12“ is basic and modest.

In fact I kept a focus on the percussive drive of the breakbeat/snare combo and the flowin’ synth parts. And – as usual – I skipped the most of the vocals. It became nice, but quick for a mix, so for the dj in you!

Lying long & lonely on my hard disc for years I finally had trouble to find the proper sound, as my record was really bad. Fishing from a whole pond of version in the net I just found a 192 kbps version and I have no clue if this is from vinyl or CD as it anyway lost quality by compression. We’ve got a quirky bastard of MP3-compression and my extraordinary re-mastering skills.
However the available downloads are gone… :(