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  Raw Deal w/ C.L.A.W.S.
  Kitti von Paige
@ Rock Bar, San Francisco/US

Dunkeltier macht Spaß!
  VINYL ONLY – out now!
4 edits of leftfield wave
    on Reach Another System RAS-EDIT1

Dunkeltier makes fun! Of what …? Click here!

‘Orange Sunshine’ mix
    from Cosmic Deluxe festival
    Mattoni Pazzi selezione mps #036

There is a story told within these 80min – to be found here!

  Dunkeltier & friends
  pres. Reach Another System

    w/ Pasiphae (IFM, Pinkman),
    Niklas Wille, Jenne, Klingberg
    @ Sameheads, Berlin, Germany

On occasion of the upcoming EP of edits named “Dunkeltier macht Spaß!” on Reach Another System we need a release party – here we are!

FB-event click here!

De Fabriek – Lullaby
  (Dunkeltier “Hey Robot Mix”)
Music For Hippies 2×12″ on
    on Platform 23

To read that fucking long story! – Click here!

  nie wieder neu
  w/ The Hallways LIVE
  Beda, Credit 00
@ Backsteinboot, Berlin, Germany

@Oh Tannenbaum, Berlin, Germany

Corojajashow ep02
hosted by Jann
    Dunkeltier B2B Ober Mannkind

Bordeaux based Jann presents a show on French Ola Radio. For the 10th edition he invites Ober Mannkind & my alter ego Dunkeltier to provide a mix and we countered with a fresh and uplifting mix of minimal synth and NDW.
Afficionado Jann is he introduced the show with during the 1st hour with a matching, but more eclectic mix of vintage songs.

Dunkeltier featured on 3xLP
  VA – Bongo Beats & Bankruptcy -
  The Sound of I’m a Cliché
incl. Cosmo Vitelli, June, Volga Select..
    out March 27th

All snippets HERE!

Independent labels have always been risky ventures, marred by uncertainty; you never know how long they’ll last for. Yet, for more than 15 years, Cosmo Vitelli has kept I’m a Cliché going. During this time, his label, its releases, and the artists behind them have found their place in the musical landscape, standing proudly and defiantly in the margins, a place where music is always more interesting and fluid than right in the middle of the spotlight.

After countless EPs, several albums and a compilation, a new chapter in I’m a Cliché’s story begins, one with a greatly reduced release schedule. To mark this turning point, the label releases Bongo Beats & Bankruptcy, its second compilation ever.

Aesthetically coherent and simultaneously diverse in its expressions, Bongo Beats & Bankruptcy is a celebration of the label (and the label manager’s) quirks and eccentricities and a tongue-in-cheek snapshot that brilliantly captures the label’s DNA, featuring friends and allies along with newer faces on 13 exclusive tracks scattered over 3 LPs.

Whether they are downtempo, uptempo or ambient like Orestt’s contribution, each tune on this compilation distills in its own idiosyncratic way I’m a Cliché’s essence: electronic music influenced by club culture but in no way constrained to the dancefloor. Ivan Smagghe & Marc Collin’s analog synth track by their acclaimed Volga Select project, June’s dreamy tune at the crossroads between wave and kraut influences, Coy’s mutant synth arpeggios, and an old-school wave cut by Oliver Decrow mixed by Dunkeltier are all tracks boldly standing on the dancefloor’s margins.

For those looking for club-ready tracks that with I’m a Cliché’s one-of-a-kind atmosphere will surely find what they are after in an downtempo edit of Awkward Corners, a bouncy and melodic IDM not IDM number by Rouge Mécanique, a bleeps & pan-pipes affair by Benoît B, an esoteric dance-rock number with stated Lynch influences by Fantastic Twins, a freaky electro cut by Linja, a melancholic 707 driven banger by Krikor and finally an anxious and forward-thinking half-stepper by label head Cosmo Vitelli.

A1. Orestt – Luddisme
A2. Awkward Corners – In Slow Motion (Sunju Hargun Edit)
A3. Volga Select – Spione
B1. June – Perspective 4000
B2. Coy – La Cantine Du Vatican
C1. Rouge Mécanique – Skate & Distort
C2. Benoit B – Cosmic Music Style
D1. Fantastic Twins – Read My Palmer, Laura
D2. Oliver Decrow – Opus Pistorum (Dunkeltier Mix)
E1. Cosmo Vitelli – The Horse Incident (Ft. Andrew Claristidge)
E2. Odopt – Annpala
F1. Krikor – We as one in the S.D.T
F2. Linja – Xanadu

Pre-sale link: https://fanlink.to/bongobeatsbankruptcy

3xLP Cliche 067
release date: 3/27/2020

  Dunkeltier & friends
w/ Wosto, El Tigre Sound, R. Roy
    @ Sameheads, Berlin, Germany


Along my ways I’ve met a few great DJs with vast knowledge, long experience and even bigger record collections rather than a big name and I thought they would fit well to Sameheads.

So for my Friday night during the weekend of the NK Future III programme on the list we have:

Wosto (1/2 of Fallbeil, Teerpappe, Hamburg)
El Tigre Sound (DJ) (Klub Kegelbahn, zweikommasieben , Luzern)
Rupert Roy (Klub Kegelbahn, Luzern)
Dunkeltier (Rat Life Records, MOND MUSIK)

FB-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/614713599007588/
RA-event: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1274041

Expect unusual selections – even by Sameheads standards. I was psyched by the Electronic Tribal Slow Metal set by El Tigre Sound at the Camp Cosmic 2016. And if you listen to the Teerpappe releases – a label run by Wosto that exists only since 2017 – then you can be sure that the Hamburg Avantguarde tradition didn’t stop. – In the best Hanseatic tradition of ZickZack, Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien, Asmus Tietchens and Felix Kubin.

You can leave your head at the wardrobe! Thank you!