Sneaker edit of Mexican EBM band Interface
  on VA – Pubblicazione 003 on H45T86W95
out May 2019 on vinyl only!

Hiroshima 45 Chernobyl 86 Windows 95 is a label run by Rawmance, who also runs Knick Knack Yoda and La Beauté Du Négatif.
Along with Raw Ambassador, label honcho Rawmance and cult (live-)act Das Ding who feature heavy EBMish electronics I am proud to be part of this third Italian compilation on the label.
Myself submitted an edit of the Mexican EBM-industrial band Interface formed by Samir Menaceri and Roxana Flores. Consideraciones Mecanicas was featured on their first album named Automata in 1987.

As an avid digger I stumbled over the original record while doing my usual online research on exotic electronic music from the 80s.
I found a decent copy to buy in the US as the record hardly left the American continent. A friend in NYC received it and and I picked it up last year during my Pan-American tour.
I did a proper vinyl rip with a HQ A-D converter and an edit during my summer holidays (the gift of the digital age). The sound is only slighlty pushed. However 250 cuts have been made in this 8 and a ½ minute monster of an edit.

Licensed with the kind permission of Roxana.

200 copies ltd, hand stamped, incl. insert 458695.003
release date: may 2019
worldwide distribution via Rubadub

Order the 12″ here:

    Red Eye/UK