FIT Sound release party
w/ Katrina Fairlee,
    Joshua Cordova, RVDS
    @ Golden Pudel, Hamburg, Germany

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We are happy to celebrate the Inside Me / Geist Bahn EP on FIT Sound, Detroit.

Honored being in company of the likes of Marcus Mixx, Jamal Moss, Bill Converse, Marcellus Pitman, Kassem Mosse. Andrés, Sotofett and Nina Kraviz there are two collaborations of mine featured. Both jams are 13 minute journeys through the mind or – on the flip – house music history.

Tonight we gathered all of the involved artists for one long Thursday night!

Joshua Cordova (FIT Sound, Digital Tsunami, Austin/TX)
Katrina Fairlee (FIT Sound, Uncanny Valley, Austin/TX)
Sneaker (FIT Sound, Uncanny Valley)
RVDS (FIT Sound, Golden Pudel)

Check out the EP!