Bionda e Lupo climbs up
  the 2017 annual charts
on hhv,
    Krossfingers , Clubbing Spain
    and 44,100Hz Social Club!

After already hitting the Wave Top 10 on #1 soon after the release our last EP ‘Bionda e Lupo – Die Kinder aus dem Park’ (Click here!) on Charlois is #2 in the annual charts on Krossfingers!
Thanks to everybody involved!
Thanks to Krossfingers!

Bionda e Lupo among the Top 10 of 2017 selected by Stuart Leath
(aka Chuggy, founder of Emotional Rescue and Emotional Response and …)
presented on hhv Records.
Bionda and me are proud, thankful and looking back on a beautiful, glorious year.

Vinilette selected her ‘best track of the year’ for Clubbing-Spain:
‘Bionda e Lupo – Die Kinder aus dem Park’
Gracias again!

44,100Hz Social Club lists ‘Bionda e Lupo – Zug Der Vögel’ among their top premieres:

Order at Clone, Juno, Red Eye,,, HHV