Traxx plays Serial Error at
  Plastic People, London

Plastic People
A few weeks ago Traxx - our US-born Dresden homie – played along Mute Records’ Daniel Miller (producer of Depeche Mode, Fad Gadget…) at Plastic People, London.

Risen from that ground is an in-depth mix of dark, industrial wave of synth drones, noise and drum machines, which can not be entirely described with words. Listening to that I got more intimate emotions which I can’t match with the club situation it was derived from. It starts to become a timeless stream – first I just notice the Serial Error track as ours, but fading in and out again, filtering and weaving it becomes something more beyond our initial intentions.
Daniel Miller gave him a ambiguous glance leaving open if Traxx is a genius or a lunatic.
It’s interpreted in the most intense way I can imagine. –
Thanks to Traxx.

Here is the single Serial Error track by Jacob korn, Credit 00 and Sneaker named ‘Drum Abuse’ (which hits the nail on the head).

Further info on this New Beat compilation: