Sneaker pres. Give’n'Take 2 /UV-GNT02
  on Uncanny Valley Records
Out now!!!

Eight years after Cuthead’s “Give’n'Take”, it’s Sneaker’s turn to put together four of his favorite tracks for Uncanny Valley’s compilation series. The artwork is once again by aka Luca Lozano.

“This record is a vista of my world where music inhabits the air between people. As an exchange of genius, emotions, gestures – even conventions, rituals, and love. Dedicated to L.B. BaD, whose music I inhaled and whose records inspired me on my quest for deepness. You will be missed!” (Sneaker)

Besides L.B. BaD’s wonderful “Late In The Evening (Music’s Seeping Thru)” you’ll get three absolute bangers on top. The Optimistic Misanthropes are Mystic Bill, VeXaTioN and Sneaker himself. One of the most influential Chicago House DJs, true to the underground for over three decades now, and once part of the Trax Records roster… Mystic Bill. VeXaTioN already got to know him back in the days but is currently hailing from Mexico City. His track was born in Los Angeles and remixed by Sneaker in Berlin.

Also, Left Unknown’s “Mädchen” got the jacking Midas touch from Sneaker, a touch you’ve come to recognize. Behind the one-off project is Saxonian Gnista aka DJ Detox and somebody who wants to remain incognito. Jacob Korn however is well-known since the early days of Uncanny Valley and is above all Sneaker’s best buddy at TailOut Studio, Dresden.

A1 (Mädchen) Jammed and recorded by DJ Detox. Remix by Sneaker.
B1 (U Can’t Control Me) Recorded in Los Angeles in early 2018 by VeXaTioN, Mystic Bill & Sneaker. Vocals by VeXaTioN. Remix by Sneaker.

Mastering & reel to reel transfer by Sneaker at TailOut Studios.

Artwork by Planetluke.

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