Sneaker @ Cosmic Listener 20-05-07

Sometimes you blast yourself back in time by watching old photos or listening to the treasures of your past.

With all the hard jacking stuff lately, I got my soft kick now my digging my own mix in the Moroders (Uncanny Valley) radio show Cosmic Listener back in 2007.

Well, and you realized how hard it is to beat yourself.

I don’t know a lot of people who played already Oppenheimer Analysis back then (I didn’t even know what this untitled MP3 from a goth friend’s hard disk was. By that HDD I also came up to Experimental Products.

The hip-hip intro and the later Force Dimension track evokes strong emotions in me.

The last 30 minutes of the mix is EBM infected new beat. Interestingly Jacob Korn was asked lately to contribute to a new beat compilation on We Play House. So we teamed up along with Credit 00 for a 21st century new beat track soon on We Play House/Belgium.

Look forward!
“Und jetzt alle:”!
And I find it really wunderfoll.