20-April-2013 ETK.edit pres.
  Andreas Gehm LIVE
  @ Wagner, Jena

Back again after an Uncanny Valley night with the labels recent highlights Jacob Stoy and Sandrow M. in November ETKedit presents once again a jackin’ highlight as there is nothing comparable in Thuringia, Germany since ever: ANDREAS GEHM aka ELEC PT.1 Acid-house and live performed – can it get any better? steady all-night support: SNEAKER DJ Uncanny Valley – Frigio www.sneakerdj.com ANDREAS GEHM aka ELEC PT.1 (live) Bunker Records – Mathematics – Snuff Trax Andreas Gehm stands for the pure old school sound. Among his many project names (Elec Pt.1, The Minister, Manager 111, Trajical Bitch) he has been releasing for years on various internationally well known labels such as Jamal Moss’ Mathematics Recordings (Chicago), Bunker Records, Creme Jak (Holland) , Psycho Thrill (Cologne), Snuff Crew’s Snuff Trax (Germany) ect. His tracks are in pure Jack tradition, sometimes harder and acidic, sometimes deeper. The original Spirit is always given.


FB-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/456213221119469/