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  Various – Danzas Electricas
  Macadam Mambo LP404
2×12″ plus 7″

Repress available of the highly sought after Macadam Mambo​ VA – Danzas Electrics 2×12″+7″!!!
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For the second release of 2017 Macadam Mambo is launching a special compilation of official cuts made by friends of the label, mostly very obscure tracks in a « Metalic Sacha’s vibe » from post-punk to synth-pop, experimental and more…

A1. Human Flesh ”Monarch In My Kingdom” (Kilian Krings Ajustement) 4:33
A2. Sm Nurse ”Dare To Die” (Dunkeltier Restauration) 5:18
A3. Frieder Butzmann & T. Kapielski ”Do The Vopo” (Panoptique Ajustement) 5:54
B1. 関戸夫婦 ”細菌” (Mori Ra Ajustement) 6:37
B2. (Tnemetsuja Reitleknud / Dniknnamrebo) ”Gnos Yppah” 6:25
C1. Armand Frydman ”Vox” (Shiny Boots Ajustement) 4:23
C2. Futurologischer Congress ”Körperwarme” (Misha Geleyn Ajustement) 5:42
C3. Bunnydrums ”Too Much Time” (Smagghe & Cross Ajustement) 6:01
D1. Stefan Egger ”Power Synthi” (Sneakers Bakalao Ajustement) 6:21
D2. The Client Brothers ”Punk Funk” (Guillaume Des Bois Ajustement) 5:04
D3. ”Love Mission” (Dunkeltier Ajustement) 6:24
E.   Dacapo ”Cogito” (Sacha Mambo Ajustement) 4:46
F.   Jan Fex ”Drömmar Håller Mig Vaken” (Johan Ressle Ajustement) 3:58

Artwork by Khwezi Strydom from Lyon.