Our Beat Is Still New /w Red D.
  Serial Error DJ-Team (Ratlife)
  @ Ex-Superchronik, Leipzig

Our Beat Is Still New

At the end of the 80s, Belgium was taken by surprise by the New Beat, a once immensely popular, almost surreal type of dance music. Its unexpected but short lived success didn’t only leave a mark on a new generation of musicians in Belgium in the years to come; It’s eclectic mix of sounds and styles actually had its seeds in earlier decades.

The Sound Of Belgium

The master mind of the Belgian label We Play House will play with us for the occasion of the series of vinyl records called Our Beat Is Still New featuring very New Beat tracks.

Blackreds Big Man Restless hosts that night at the former Ex-Superchronik in Leipzig-Plagwitz featuring more or less rare guests but definitely a rare selection of New Beat, proto-EBM, hip- and UK-house plus the best of the early Euro trash era (not to say the late digital Italo era).

Oddly Red D. mixed a remix of Serial Error member Jacob Korn on -12% for his promo mix. Playing 45′s on 33rpm+8% is the way New Beat was found!

Look it up (I’m always good for history lessons):

I wish I would have a link on that Belgian New Beat documentary that lately made it’s round, but their teasers on http://www.tsob.be/ aren’t as much about New Beat as the actual movie is.

Therefore check this lo-fi-vid:

Our Beat Is Still New

Sa, 11. January 2014 at
   Ex-Superchronik/Markranstädter Straße 4, Leipzig-Plagwitz

   Red D. (We Play House, Belgium)
   Serial Error DJ-team aka Credit 00 & Sneaker DJ (Ratlife)