Uncanny Valley Megamix-Podcast
  by Jacob Korn
  feat. unreleased demo content

Mr. Korn made an extensive uncanny Podcast for the fine French blog Trace A Line. That’s what they say about it:

Jacob Korn’s podcast is a mixed compilation of tracks released on Uncanny Valley, you will find some of the label’s classics as well as some still unreleased gems which suggest only the best regarding Uncanny Valley’s future… So here’s a mix of great style and a perfect introduction to the Dresden house sound.

Here’s the link to the podcast: http://www.tracealine.com/2012/10/tal093-jacob-korn/


01: Credit 00 – Brio’s Theme (UV008)
02: Scherbe – Kill Bill$ (UV010)
03: Scherbe – Endlezz Cinema (UV CDR)
04: Jacob Stoy – S51 (UV010)
05: Scherbe – Sunset Strips (UV CDR)
06: Sneaker feat. Sane – Run To You (UV CDR)
07: Sneaker feat. Sandrow M. – L.O.V.E. (UV CDR)
08: Cuthead – The Sinner (UV 002)
09: Jacob Korn & Kelli Hand – Dance Away (UV002)
10: Cuthead – Brother (UV007)
11: Thomas Fröhlich – Get Us (UV001)
12: Jacob Korn & San Soda – Punta Del Este (UVLP01)
13: Break SL – Amorphed Limits (UV009)
14: One Day In Metropia – Night Train (UV003)
15: Credit 00 – Eiserne Lunge (UV003)
16: Projektname Unbekannt – Dresden, den 15.05.2005 (UV003)
17: Jacob Korn & Sneaker – Heteronomous (UVLP01)
18: CVBox – Machinematch (UV004)
19: Sneaker – You Think You Think! (UV004)
20: Jacob Korn & Christopher Rau feat. The Drifter – I Need You (UVLP01)
21: CVBox – Past the Eclipse (UV011)

The weaving of  ‘You Think’, ‘Machine Match’ and ‘Heteronomous’ is georgeous. I wish that bloke would give me the wave!