Sneaker – Rhythm Composer EP
  on Bio Rhythm 024
4 purist drum tracks

The Rhythm Composer EP on Dutch label Bio Rhythm combines 2 years of refining the 4 drum tracks and a great cut of warm, round bass and harsh snares and cymbals from the Jacob Korn-custom-built RC-808 drum machine. My best friend also jammed along with me for the last track on the EP. I can tell you – he is a secret pattern wizard little apparent in his remaining output.

The 12” already is my personal knightly accolade, my masterpiece in saturation craftsmanship and sound shaping. The tracks are stripped down to the bone – only drums. Constantly in movement. Through valve, flanger and cassette. Simple, yet elaborate. No matter if it sells or will be recognized – it will be a timeless document of percussion.

Some people exactly know how to deal with it: to no surprise an American – my friend Vikas from The Black Lodge, LA:

The project of an EP of drum only tracks was a vision reaching back to the first idea 4 years ago. I always marveled at my icons and blueprints for this EP:
  Novaga’s ‘Faces Drums’,
  Kenny Jason’s ‘Jam Tracks’,
  Adams & Fleisner’s ‘Mix Your Own Stars’,
  Vincent Lawrence’s ‘Virgo Tracks Again’ and
  Farley Funkin Keith’s ‘Funkin With The Drums’

Accordingly the playlist of the Rhythm Composer EP reads quite sober:

that side or (in case) picture side

   RC-808 Track A
   RC-808 Track B

this side or (in case) text side

   RC-808 Track C
   Jacob Korn & Sneaker – RC-808 Track 0

Order the 12″ here:
  Red Eye