½GOTT Edit on Materia005
    for WhyPeopleDance

Denis from 44,100Hz Social Club commented on occasion of the premiere of my ‘Face To Face’ edit on his platform:

our good friends at whypeopledance released next MATERIÁ, this time edit compilation with the best bad boys of the scene as Curses, Schmoltz, Scannoir, Iñigo Vontier, Il Est Vilaine, Panorama Channel and much more…

And they gave us an exclusive copy, hell yeah. So now the night is dark, parents are in bed, we can secretly take our walkman, put that mysterious black and blue tape inside, headphones on and press play. Boom, we’re instantly hypnotized by this wobbly and schizophrenic post-punk edit from the brilliant German producer SneakerDJ.
Already heard on Emotional Rescue, Bahnsteig 23 or Rat Life, he delivers here a power edit in pure EBM tradition, where saturated screams meets a hammer kick drum and weird synths, all dubbed and twisted by the German master… It takes us straight to an sweaty 80s club, raised fist on one side and warm beer on the other.