For The Love Of The Game!
a relict of the past
    recorded at Kassablanca, Jena in 2007

A relict of the past – a night at Kassablanca Jena in the year 2007. Presenting even more reminiscent house records at a time when the sound was nowhere else to be heard in Thuringia.
Sometimes you are just lucky to record a perfect session. A timeless selection that aged very well. Even the “hits” don’t bother me after listening to it countless times.
Thanks to Da Niel from AROMA + for the request and occasion to present this archival recording!

Sneaker @ Elektronacht – ETK003-Releaseparty, Kassablanca Jena 21.Juli 2007

1. Intro – Move your body
2. Derrick L. Carter – Where u at (mix originale)
3. Sneaker – Old School House (previously unreleased)
4. Elbee Bad – Humans-Man.Woman.Child LA RHON #40
5. Esplendor Geométrico – Francotirador (Sneaker’s Dunkeltier Rmx) FRIGIO 012 (released only 6y later in 2013)
6. Traxx – Mysterio NATION 001
7. T-Coy feat. Annette – Dream 17
8. Elbee Bad – We’ve got the soul, yeah LA RHON #40
9. DHS – House Of God (smooth mix)
10. DHS – House Of God
11. Masters of Acid (T-Coy) – Megagrip (sneakers no horns cut)
12. Blackman (Farley Funk) – Beat that bitch with a bat
13. Reese – Rock to the beat (hitman mix) KMS 022
14. Farley Jackmaster Funk – Aw shuck(Let’s go) (long version)
15. Phuture Pfantasy Club – Spank, Spank
16. Liddell Townsell feat. Kool Rock Steady – I’ll make you dance
17. Peaches & Prunes – Nightlife Unlimited (ron hardy re-edit)
18. DAF – Brothers (mix gab)
19. MKM – Little Stars
20. Romanthony – Let Me Show You Love (sneakers quick dub)
21. House Syndicate – Jam the Mace
22. Cajmere – Percolator (sneakers ‘green velvet’ edit) CAJUA