Dunkeltier podcast for Borderless
  - 7h Des Guten Geschmacks
@ Balla Balla Nero, Dresden

Recorded on the 30th May 2014 at the bar floor of the Balla Balla night at Sabotage, Dresden
(Nero edition, due to the focus on minimal synth of an otherwise Disco focussed party series)

The event is hosted by Roland Baader & Philipp Demankowski and involved a live concert by minimal synth band Nine Circles.
Magic Waves Casionova provided the warm-up (by now he is also representing the new label Per Musica Ad Astram).

Dunkeltier was given responsibility to entertain the drunken masses of people occupying the bar.
Though not dancing the crowd gave continuous positive feedback on the well-selected background soundtrack accompanying the vibe on the main floor.
The ambitious, yet relaxed set spans from smooth wave(s) to loads of minimal synth classics to NDW (from 2h30m) to exotic Indian delights (3h12m) to Arab goodness (5h17m) plus lots of (unreleased) productions and edits by Dunkeltier and his alias Sneaker.
The record was cut here and there to shorten the recording of 7h15m down to the Soundcloud upload limit of 6h45m.