Dunkeltier 22-10-2011
  Indonesian radio show
  Minimal Synth Special

I’m proud to launch ‘Dunkeltier’ (German for animal of the night/dark; in Indonesian: binatang gelap) – a biweekly 45min radio show on a local radio station named VEDAC (radio suara visitami edukasi artista cendekia).
WIB means ‘waktu Indonesia barat’ i.e. west Indonesian time. Anyway you’ll prefer a stream.

Probably it will be the first show in the archipelago which features chicago house, italo disco, minimal synth and suchlike. If anybody got to know an Indonesian project from the last 30 years dealing with synthesizer music I’d be happy to feature some relation to my setting in the show!

The launch of Dunkeltier will bring you some keen, but easy introduction to minimal synth music from France, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany.

In talk with me are Indonesians who are around by chance to present the show to Indonesians. Down the scrollin’ screen however is the instrumental version without any overtalk.