Samo Radio 4: Sneaker DJ & Facets
  @ The Lot Radio, Brooklyn, NYC

  recording May 16th 2017

Recorded live at The Lot Radio, NY on May 16th 2017. Facets on the first hour, Sneaker DJ on the second.

I actually am not playing a DJ set rather than presenting new and upcoming releases for 2017 and already 2018.
Edits from Bahnsteig 23. The outsider synth pop of our project Bionda e Lupo for Rotterdam based Charlois.
And you have the unique occasion to sneak a peek at 4(!) tracks by Scannoir and me for two future EPs on Uncanny Valley next year.
So stay tuned!
Follow me! Into the hot darkness! (cold wave was yesterday)

Discus Mix: #20 – Dunkeltier
  NDW/German synth special

Just in time for the soon-to-be-released 2×12” Poligam LP … Read the full interview indulging into the ocean of the Neue Deutsche Welle!

  Plastik Universe #10 /w Dunkeltier

  1h radio slot at cashmere radio

Celebrating community and experimental broadcasting, live from Lichtenberg, Berlin. Cashmere Radio is both a physical station open to the public and an online radio; it has regular shows, yet opens itself up to extended and one-off events.

More, more, more!

podcast for Basement Tapes
from Bordeaux

On occasion of my gig with Intergalactic Gary for Basement Tales in Bordeaux I did a mix of some ‘beautiful’ songs and stand-out tracks. No functional, generic shit. From oddities to bangers. Intro, outro, you name it! Well in order, with the craftsmanship of story telling.

Sneaker @ Standeasy radio show
  KMAH radio, Leeds, UK


I did a 1h studio mix comprising the quick in and out of wave, Italo, EBM, new beat and house music for a radio DJ from Leeds.
Listen here! (w/ tracklist)

This is not home listening Vol.5
  chilled 200min podcast by
  Saša Sora & Sneaker at Dr. Seltsam

This Is Not Happening is a vinyl-only record label, website & club night based in London (Fabien Spagnolo) and Berlin (Michael Candler).

For their blog we delivered a 3½ h back to back set recorded at our favourite hang out Dr. Seltsam in Leipzig. A set filled with Cosmic, disco, Italo, new wave, synth, minimal-wave, ambient and of course a lot of edits, lost gems and picks from the vault that will make the perfect soundtrack to your Sunday.

If you wanna read on follow the link to Fabien’s post:

They also have a house label resting in a slow pace on position 002:

Soviet Shock Waves
  podcast for Discus Throwers
  by Bad Boy Baader & Dunkeltier

Soviet new wave and disco records only. Only. I mean – only! Only Soviet stuff.

Read the story behind the process told by bad boy Roland!
Finding records in Lithuanian bins for this journey through Soviet music on their website.:

ruff house mix for the
Greek Phormix podcast series

Read on!

podcast for Serial Experiments

Lithuanian Serial Experiments in collab with their whypeopledance collective posted Layer #63 with my guest mix out now! This mix was recorded on occasion of a Frigio label night with Hesperius Draco and Traxx on the line-up for the La Fete Triste promoters from Paris . The club is called Batofar – a house boat on the Seine, Paris.

Click for tracklist!

Heavy podcast for Clubbing Spain
   recorded at Musikfreunde, Dresden

EBM Yugoslavian Italo Industrial Synth Pop JustRhythms NDW plus an inofficial Mick Wills edit – my recent set from Musikfreunde @ Sektor Evolution (30th of May) became the podcast for Each single track was edited. The third quarter was sheer madness – N:trance. And the closing is an edit of somewhat of a leftfield Donna Summer. I feel love. Along with an interview in Spanish about recent music and gossip, amigo mio. The English version further down if you feel like while listening …

BTW – after me played Monomood (shtum) his techno live set and Bronko T (Private Message/VMBT) a fabulous set of American house on the authentic and hard side of things. What a night … ! oOoOoh!

Read here (Spanish; English version down here):

And again this photo …

As the interview is in Spanish I supply the English version to you: Click here!