Dunkeltier & friends
  w/ Ober Mannkind (Nation)
  Alexander Arpeggio (Eine Welt)
@Sameheads, Berlin, Germany

Is there a need for introduction?

My dark alias plays along beloved friends the wildest of Reisen through the Nacht.
Ober Mannkind hails from my musical home Dresden.
The 3 of us have been united already on No. 003 of Alexanders (former Spacelex) label Mond Musik.

Listening to music in everyday life can have a stress-reducing effect. This is shown by a psychologist from the University of Marburg in a recent study. In one study, the researchers were able to answer regular questions about subjective well-being and their listening habits. In parallel, the stress hormone cortisol was elevated. The data show that the stress-reducing effect of the music is not the music itself, but the reasons for listening to the music. so feel free 2 feel free & let the music take control…