mix for Have A Nice Day
recorded at La Deutsche Vita
    release party for Sound Metaphors

The mix was recorded after our one-off Bionda e Lupo live concert on occasion of the best NDW album of the past 25 years – La Deutsche Vita.
For my closing set I took over from Riccardi Schola, who graced our premiere by playing Tränen In Der Nacht four times that night. – According to him due to the fact that he was confused by the 4 sides of the new record and not at all due to the Spritz he was enjoying with relish throughout the night.
BTW Riccardi’s very own and second solo EP will be out soon on a private press 7″ sparkling with two Italo songs.
My selection I played from vinyl however is all over Europe and Canada. – Although … I can sense a certain French touch of mid 80′s synth pop before I shift the energy to my obscure Neue Deutsche Welle edits.
I remember the elevating feeling to see one of my favorite DJ’s Cid Hohner, dancing with his unmatched smile on his face during the last 30 minutes of this night.

Message to those who follow in our wake:
DON’T FALL FOR THE LATEST TREND! You’d actively destroy culture! BE WHAT YOU ARE – HUMAN! Not a generic bot!

Big thanks to the guys at the Sound Metaphors record shop for this opportunity to share the fun!