VA – Echo Locations on Tursiops
new Bandcamp-only label
    devoted to edits pres. by Ed Isar

To launch Tursiops, a Bandcamp only label devoted to edits, Ed Isar presents Echo Location, a compilation of edits created by various artists.

While the label will focus on exclusive edits, this first release is a manifesto of sorts which gathers tried and tested edits along with previously unreleased material.

These edits have been (re)mastered for maximum listening and dancing pleasure.

There is a focus on out of print labels, artists no longer active, and generally obscure material. Changes in pitch and length are the most common on this release, with many edits fitting the 45RPM to 33RPM effect that our friends Front de Cadeaux call Supreme Rallentato.

To make things interesting, each track’s name contains clues as to the source material’s identity and further hints are given below. The name of source material is hidden not because we claim to have created those tracks, because we didn’t, but to highlight the editing process and to ensure the project’s longevity.

We also believe that by pointing you in the general direction you will make interesting discoveries along the way.

And the most obvious edit, Tropicarama, is given away for free.

1. By DJ Athome, the Sicilian Bear, 1/2 of Front de Cadeaux. Originally by a band with a number in its name and a member who rhymes with Global Village.

2. From a Belgian pioneer with many aliases, by label head Isar.

3. It began with a German composer called JSB, which inspired other Germans a few hundred years later before finally reaching Bangkok’s Sunju Hargun a few decades after that.

4. Worst Records / Positive Education hombre Antoine’s version of a tune which in fact was not made by people in the South of France.

5. The British entity known as auratekh, a certified trance expert, found a sun-drenched chamber.

6. José Acid of Portugal’s take on a popular B-side, with a dash of iconic Tuga samples for good measure.

7. Brittany’s René Danger revisits a whirly tune by gentlemen from the reel world.

8. Don’t be fooled by the underground overtones, this one is all about the overland.

9. Dresden’s extraordinary editor invites us to daydream with one of Frankfurt’s treasures, sadly gone too soon.

10. An imprint with a Shinto name, a feeling of elation.

11. Smells Like Millenial Spirit.

12. Not Optimus Prime. Extended.

13. Late 80′s spectral tape enhanced by Raven from Paris.

14. A slow and sweaty on an iconic belter, revisited in the Rave Cave.