Anything Goes – Ride To Agadir
  (Sneaker No Vocal Cut)
    for RollOverMilano

This is my edit of a rare promo of a one-off German New Beat act on the
infamous Belgian BCM label.
Although the vinyl cut bears some distortion I ripped the vinyl through a
professional A-D converter to obtain the best possible sound. Also I only
limited some spikes to preserve the original dynamics.
I cut the cheesy vocals (the track is actually a cheapish cover version
– the one who fancies the vocals should buy the original). To disguise
the cuts was tiresome. The worst were apparent in the original already.
So I tried to disguise their flaws using delays and fades.
I extended the intro and outro just for a few seconds of DJ convenience.
I was further bringing the different rather chaotic, disparate themes
into a usual 4/8/16 grid etc. and pushed the vocal synth in the last
quarter by EQing. Enjoy this on the eclectic, clubby cosmic dancefloor!