Blaze – So Special

For no particular reason this one became a new Sneaker edit after a long pause.
Blaze is NY Garage as its best, however Garage isn’t the sound of now.
I rather became intrigued by those strings which only shortly appeared in the later part of the original.
I enlengthened the ‘DJ-intro’ in a usual manner and replaced each chorus by the string motive concluding the edit in a new final by doubling the string loop resulting in nice dirty drum phasing.
By that I avoided the ground shaking vocal gospel chorus, which simply isn’t my cup of tea.

As Motown had a different sound in mind back in 1990 unlike today’s party people I widened the stereo effect and after the double tracking I had to handle the dynamics anyway – so I did.

The self-irony at 3.00 always brings a smile on my face. Enjoy your download!

Update: Digital limited edition of 100 is gone since a while.
PM to SneakerDJ and I send it to you!