Sneaker – The Beat Poet EP /FTVR07
  on From The Vaults Records

The Beat Poet is dropping 4 cuts of lyrical patterns and mad wizardry on JenZi’s ‘From The Vaults’ label. Following Sneaker’s EP’s of ‘Meet The Heat’ and ‘Rhythm Composer’, we have here another exercise in drum programming and syncopated rhythms. Groove and acid. Drama, culmination and relief.

‘Beat Goes On’ is an 808+303 jam with long-term collaborator and solder-king Jacob Korn. Sneaker gave the message a voice – with a classic acappella from the Orbit.

Exploiting the classic Dancemania drum machine, ‘Dr. Rhythm’ dazzles you with a doubletime kick, triplet toms, tropical cuíca screams and scratches – and when you just begin to find yourself again, it slaps your red cheeks with more whipping snares.

‘Wild Pitch’ is again an 808+303 jam – this time with Dresden’s old school legend DJ Smiley. The track pays tribute to and re-interprets DJ Pierre’s Wild Pitch sound from NYC’s Strictly Rhythm period.

The closing track ‘Feedback’ switches TEE-styled Latin rhythm box variations while layering a feedback progression ranging from subwoofer lo’s to ear piercing hi’s. Flip it over! Feed it back again!

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Distributed by: Chat Noir, Paris, France

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    Yocto Rhythm Composer, Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-660, Rhythm Composer 808
    (built by Jacob Korn), xOxbOx.

  Design by JenZi.

  Sneaker wants to thank JenZi, Jacob Korn, DJ Smiley, Klingberg, Kosmik and Sane for
  her everlasting support!
  F.T.V. Rec. is a label run by JenZi, based
  in Baden, Switzerland dedicated to dirty beats ranging from house to hip-hop.