remix for Jack Pattern -
  Animal Transformation
  (Sneaker Remix)
on Lustpoderosa 05 (out spring 2018)

The label:

Subliminale Materiale is the 5th installation on Lustpoderosa. Kind of a split EP. The A side with two remixes and two original jams of Jack Pattern on the B side.

With this release we want to point out the remixes on the A side. Both done by Lustpoderosas favourite producers and DJs: Dunkeltier aka @SneakerDJ and @KrisBaha. We guess you know and love them as much as we do.

A1 @KrisBaha (PowerStation / Cocktail D`amore / PINKMAN)shows with his projects that music has no borders. His releases and DJ sets have this strength of an experienced time traveller. He did this remix for Jack Pattern just before he left his hometown to life somewhere else. We believe this remix is a relief, a relevation and a sign of leaving things behind. Crossing borders and going further. No strings attached. Boys can cry – even on the dancefloor!

A2 @Sneaker (Ratlife / Uncanny Valley / Frigio) is the kind of musician you would love to offer a lifetime access to your brain when your doing music. There he could build new connections and resolve malfunctions. His music is versatile, smart, raw, precise but still chaotic and playful. His esthetic is his weapon to destroy boundaries. All tracks have this unique way of mixing and mastering we probably wish to rebuild, but we` ll never find out without the exact recipe of this wizard mastermind. This remix is the recipe of a musical surgeon: the scalpel at the right position…cut. Animal transformation completed!

B1 & B2 are two Jams of Jack Pattern. Made in the right moment, with the right people. Nella Notte is a cold wave track while listening our mind leave tears and the body transcends into a shadow of missed love. Very dark indeed.
Animal Transformation is a homage to psychedelic rock bands and their impact on this evil world.

Jack Pattern – Subliminale Materiale EP
Cat.No.: LPDR05
Distribution by RUBADUB
Limited to 300 pieces
Presale on Bandcamp.

Text and Vocals by Emanuele (A1/B1)
Vocals on A2 / B2 by Neu Verboten