GOTT release party
w/ Scannoir & Sneaker
    @ Kraftfeld, Winterthur, Switzerland

GOTT ist die neue Platte von Sneaker aus Dresden/Berlin und Scannoir aus
Zürich. Zusammen frönen die Supernasen ihrer Leidenschaft für EBM & Synth Pop im Studio; predigen aber auch andächtig von der DJ-Kanzel in 6-stündigen Marathonmessen.
Übermächtiges, selbstgesetztes Denkmal. Geist, Blitz & Donner im Steinhimmel.
Eurovision. Neue Schweizer Welle.
Sonnenaufgang über dem Indüstriegelände.

GOTT event on Resident Advisor!

  w/ Frederick Block (RAS), Stirnband
@ Bar Funkeneck, Freiburg, Germany

  Italo Disco
w/ Daniele Cosmo, El Trigre Sound
    @ Zukunft, Zürich, Switzerland

  Dunkeltier & friends
w/ Wosto, El Tigre Sound, R. Roy
    @ Sameheads, Berlin, Germany


Along my ways I’ve met a few great DJs with vast knowledge, long experience and even bigger record collections rather than a big name and I thought they would fit well to Sameheads.

So for my Friday night during the weekend of the NK Future III programme on the list we have:

Wosto (1/2 of Fallbeil, Teerpappe, Hamburg)
El Tigre Sound (DJ) (Klub Kegelbahn, zweikommasieben , Luzern)
Rupert Roy (Klub Kegelbahn, Luzern)
Dunkeltier (Rat Life Records, MOND MUSIK)

FB-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/614713599007588/
RA-event: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1274041

Expect unusual selections – even by Sameheads standards. I was psyched by the Electronic Tribal Slow Metal set by El Tigre Sound at the Camp Cosmic 2016. And if you listen to the Teerpappe releases – a label run by Wosto that exists only since 2017 – then you can be sure that the Hamburg Avantguarde tradition didn’t stop. – In the best Hanseatic tradition of ZickZack, Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien, Asmus Tietchens and Felix Kubin.

You can leave your head at the wardrobe! Thank you!

  Neon Residents & Friends
  live on Intergalactic FM
w/ Nomad, Naks, Lazercat, M. Reisser
    @ Humboldthain, Berlin, Germany

Streaming: https://www.intergalactic.fm/neon/

20:00 Marius Reisser
21:00 Naks
22:00 Lazercat
23:00 Sneaker DJ
00:00 DJ Nomad

FB-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/786135708453365/

  w/Drama Goddess,
  Serial Experiments
    @ Godo, Kaunas, Lithuania

FB-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/332868217349300/

  Born Free w/Drama Goddess,
  Serial Experiments
    @ Amadeus Bar, Vilnius, Lithuania

FB-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2559477944082388/

  Bahnsteig 23 #8
    w/ Ziggy Sternenstaub, Jonny 5
    @ Sameheads, Berlin, Germany

Und so friends, Ziggy invites.

Can you still tanz?

Trance Gigolo go go Bacalao!

Yo Let Her shouty Funk!

Amfobia neu Mörder!

Freaky Leaches schwer Dub!

Weltfrieden. Liebe Das Ende.

Auf Wiedersehen Panzer Peoples!!

    Ziggy Sternenstaub (Bahnsteig 23) / E.T.
    Jonny 5 (Bahnsteig 23 / Pleasure Wave) / UK
    SneakerDJ (Uncanny Valley, FIT Sound / EST. 83, Bahnsteig 23) / DDR

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  Dunkeltier & the ladies
    w/ Ece Özel, Electric Evelyn
    @ Sameheads, Berlin, Germany

with my beautiful guests
    Ece Özel (MŰSTESNA RECORDS, Istanbul)
    Electric Evelyn (Disco Dilettante, Dresden)
    Dunkeltier (Macadam Mambo, Bahnsteig 23)

When you come from a place where everything collides in the worst
and best way, confusion comes with a price -it’s either a bigger
confusion or a huge relief.
Ece Özel is a dj from İstanbul who runs her own nights and podcast
series as “Özel Zevkler” where she has supported many local live acts
and DJs.. She was one of the residents of İstanbul’s Minimuzikhol
until recently.. And she is one half of Mustesna Records.

In her sets she aims to create a dark but shiny journey of transitions
through new wave, obscure house, electro, new beat, techno and
That’s pretty much a summary what Evelyn and Dunkeltier are doing that night in our most favorite of all basements. Plus Italo, NDW and tape snot, of course!

Click here for the ‘Dunkeltier & the ladies’ FB-event!

  Welcome To Rimini
    w/ Katja Ruge, Igor Amore,
    Pengi, Niki Pop
    @ Moiré/PAL, Hamburg, Germany

  SneakerDJ (Uncanny Valley)
  Katja Ruge (Kann denn Liebe Synthie sein)
  IGOR AMORE (Palais Palett/ Welcome To Rimini)
  Niki Pop (Welcome To Rimini)
  Pengi (Welcome To Rimini)

FB-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/424557254967159/
RA-event: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1246024